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The three challenges of up-and-coming audio engineers and music producers.

CHALLENGE #1: Having enough connections to land a gig.

Many audio students graduate to find that they are now competing with thousands of people for a limited amount of jobs.

SOLUTION: The Recording Connection trains you inside a real recording studio where you can be educated as an apprentice (extern) as you make the connections to find a job, a gig, freelance and permanent work in audio.

CHALLENGE #2: Getting enough work experience to become employable in the real world.

Many audio students graduate to discover they have no “real world experience.”

SOLUTION:  The Recording Connection not only trains you privately with our curriculum, but we also show you how to perform in the real world by letting you observe, assist and work on real sessions with your mentor.

CHALLENGE #3: Getting enough hands-on time to become skilled on the gear.

Many audio students struggle to schedule enough experience on the equipment.

SOLUTION: The Recording Connection guarantees that you will have plenty of time with your mentor, and we will always get you into the studio to practice your chops. We also guarantee you free, unlimited tutoring. We give you one-on-one training as an apprentice (extern), and we stand by it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your school work? I have so many questions and I need answers.

And it’s our job to answer them all. Why don’t we give you a tour so you can see for yourself.

The Recording Connection is the school that puts you in the door of a real professional recording studio. This studio is your classroom, but that’s not all. With the Recording Connection, your classroom inside a studio like this is all for you.

With The Recording Connection, you never have to fight over lab time, worry about overcrowded classrooms, or fighting for your teacher’s attention, because with us, you are the only student. It’s just you and your mentor who trains you privately and at your own pace.

Where are your studio sites located?

We offer you the opportunity to go to school in a recording studio anywhere in the U.S., Canada, Australia and the UK. We are the school that comes to you. Fill out a free application to set up your no-cost personal tour of a real life professional recording studio near you.

Why is it so important to go to a school inside a real studio

Great question. Let us tell you why. In order to make it in the music business, your son or daughter needs to GET IN the music business.

To get in, you need to learn INSIDE a real environment where you can learn the tricks of the trade as you make connections.

The importance of interacting with real life engineers, music producers and their clients cannot be overstated. You must learn where you want to work. It’s all about being seen by the people doing the hiring.

Student: Does this mean you guarantee jobs once I’m finished with The Recording Connection

NO. OF COURSE NOT. We are guaranteeing only access, but make no mistake: this access is essential to your success.

Think about it: we put you in the door, we guarantee you a one-on-one education inside a real studio, free tutoring, Pro Tools, and a year of Job Placement if you don’t get hired by the studio you train at. There are no guarantees in life, but let’s be real and honest.

Does this approach stack the deck in your favor? Doesn’t it make sense to learn the music industry from inside it?
If you’re paying attention, the answer is YES.

Student: How often do I attend my private class inside a real recording studio

We get you inside the studio for a minimum of 2 DAYS A WEEK, but here’s another advantage: If you are hard working, available, and dedicated, you can go to the studio as much as 5 times per week. Or heck — 7 times per week. Many of our students spend up to 12 hours per day in the studio, while others choose a part time approach. Either way, we are here for you. You can do this full time or part time nights and weekends.

So this is an apprenticeship (externship)? What is an apprenticeship (externship) exactly

Apprentices learn on the job, they learn one-on-one, and they learn from a professional, in this case an audio engineer, sound technician, or music producer. Make no mistake, apprentices are students just like in regular school, only it gets better:

Because they get ON THE JOB, PRIVATE ATTENTION. Our students learn from books and materials but what makes this extra special is our students learn hands-on INSIDE a real recording studio. You get your hands on the gear, you get your hands dirty, so to speak. The only way you are ever going to get a job in this business is to get inside and learn from a pro.

This allows you the student to show your teacher, the mentor, what you are made of from the very first class day.

Student: This sounds too good to be true. Is it

Look, don’t take our word for it. Why don’t you listen to our students and graduates talk about their experiences with us? Feel free to visit this link and watch their video reviews.

Student: Do I need any experience


Student: So how am I learning, is this structured

OH YES, IT IS STRUCTURED. We give you hands-on assignments, project-based homework, core fundamental workshops, private tutoring in the studio, and private online tutoring with our state of the art technology.

With us you learn at the pace of one comprehensive module lesson per week. The work is intensive, comprehensive and perhaps best of all, tailored to your goals.


Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools provides a distance education delivery model coupled with a program and industry specific externship. Students complete coursework online at a location of their choosing, while simultaneously completing an externship at a private place of business.

Student: When I’m done and once I get work, how much can I make in the music business

Like any career, it varies. You are going to start off paying your dues and making a lower wage, but the goal is to live your dreams and make music for a living. Your goal is to get paid big for doing what you love. The only way that is ever going to happen is to get yourself inside a real recording studio so you can begin to show the world what you’re made of.

What are you made of?

Student: Who are your teachers and what are their credentials

Our teachers or mentors own and work in the studios where these artists record their records. You will learn where Beyonce recorded, where U2 recorded, where Jay Z recorded, where Lil Wayne recorded, where Blake Shelton recorded, where Radiohead recorded, where Deadmau5 recorded, where Skrillex recorded, and more. Some of our students have even met and worked with these artists. See, the point is with The RC, by learning inside a real recording studio, you are exposing yourself to the top artists making the music that has inspired you to live an extraordinary life.

Student: So you put me inside a real recording studio, do you match me with my favorite type of music

Yes we do. If you are into hip-hop we will try to place you in a hip-hop studio. Rock students go to rock studios, etc. But let’s get real: if you want to make it in this business you need to be versatile. You need to be able to work in all genres and be all things music to all types of clients. Also the Recording Connection believes in what we call the Cross Genre Principle — this means we will train you to be a certified Recording Connection Audio Professional who can work in all genres. This unique approach to learning enables you to maximize your chances for success.

Student: So once I’m done with your program, if I’m not hired at the studio I trained at, how do I get a job

There are 4 ways we help you:

  1. Your mentor is a successful producer; he or she therefore knows hundreds of people. If you have impressed your mentor, he or she will go the extra mile for you and introduce you to those friends.
  2. As a Recording Connection student you will be interacting with clients — clients that have money and contacts. Money + contacts = jobs.
  3. Job Placement — we have real job placement. We will call hundreds of studios in our network for you, we will teach you how to market yourself with our social media and internet marketing curriculum.
  4. If you’re good and there isn’t a job opening at the studio you train at, you may find they create a job just for you because they see value in what you bring to the table and they like you (such has been the case for many of our students). For example, one of our students in Los Angeles was recently given a job as a drum tech after proving his chops setting up for Aerosmith, whom he met as a Recording Connection student.

Student: My parents want me to get a degree in music but I’m not sure they understand how the music business works. What do you say

Degrees are pretty, parents love them, and they are lovely to hang on your wall, but they carry little or no weight in the music business. This is especially sad when you consider how many parents and students toil to pay very high tuitions and housing costs under the misinformed notion that a degree in music will eventually lead them to working with the greats.

The only things that have real value in the music industry are experience and connections. The same can be said for most careers these days, but in the music business even more so. Studio owners, music executives, artists and producers who are hiring will never ask for your degree. In fact, telling them you have one often can actually alert them to the fact that you have NO EXPERIENCE.

Get educated, get connected and save money. By attending The Recording Connection, you are doing all of these things and more.