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No complaints at all. I’m learning so much; and even helped my mentor build sound diffusion panels for his studio!

Daniel Baileyon RRFC Students

“I’ve become more involved at the Sonic Factory in helping out with more and more sessions.”

Brandyn Zellmeron RRFC Students

“I’ve only been in the program a short amount of time and I’m learning a lot of little things that I always wanted to learn”

Recording Connection setting the mics
Connor Looseon RRFC Students

the Recording Connection

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“I really appreciate the avenues your program is providing and want to say thank you for everything Recording Connection is doing for myself and others in the program.”

Mitch Villalvaon RRFC Students

Brandon Sanders

I finished my halfway marker last week and you’d think that would be a weight off. I know that the real work is ahead though. Now it’s less about the material, and more about practicing the lessons. The more hours I spend working in Pro Tools the better I get. Theres only so much that […]

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the Recording Connection

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I love getting into the studio and actually working on stuff each week. I feel like the hands on thing helps me a lot more when using Protools. I just have to keep working hard at it and figure out the commands that work best for me.

Brandon Whiddenon RRFC Students

the Recording Connection

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Greg Reece

It was a blast and it was great to get some hands on learning about tempo setting, some hot key shortcuts, and a wee bit of compression. I can’t wait to do it again!

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Jesse Greene

My mentor Tony and I are working together on editing songs and I’m doing great job. At least that’s what Tony is saying. This is 15 track album, so this could take a while. Looking forward to the finishing!

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Job Assistance has been helpful being in Spain. I’m looking forward to getting my business put together.

Recording Connection setting the mics
Juan Garciaon RRFC Students

Then I ended up writing the rest of the song and was able to record the whole song a few days later. I am so excited about it because it sounds pretty good for my first time. I had a great week.

Tommy Hendricks on RRFC Students

I’ve only been in the program a short amount of time and I’m learning a lot of little things that I always wanted to learn

Conner Looseon RRFC Students

“I have been working on a couple projects making my own music to mix and edit. In addition to that, however, I am helping one of my classmates, Darnell, to record his reggae band”

Kristin Staubon RRFC Students

I am mixing and editing my own songs now and they sound so much better than when I was doing them on my own!

Recording Connection Studio Placeholder
Kathleen Okimuraon RRFC Students

I am just in the process, but already had an interview at Phat Budda Productions in St. Louis, MO. I believe I am at the right place at the right time, and you can be too if you have the passion for Radio, TV or Film! I look forward to hearing from my admissions counselor to procede to the next steps…

Brian Curryon Facebook

Loved it learned a lot from my mentor Rick Rooney. And thanks to all the knowledge I now have a studio of my own.

Umair Jamalon Facebook

Been to a few audio schools but this by far has been the best. Cant beat the hands on. The fact that your in the everyday environment is awesome. I went from externship to staff. Actually making money. Just graduated the basic audio course and starting the masters.. The school did what they said they would do…and i respect that!!

Kuron Tyruson Facebook

I hope to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a touring artist and living a dream as most Americans would subscribe to. Unlike most though, I won’t take “no” for an answer and I won’t stop for anything. I am pursing this day in and day out by recording at least 3 to 4 times a week (7 days on a good week), as well as editing audio books for RVM Sounds (A job in which I found weeks upon graduating from the Recording Connection). I continue to network and experiment with different live show opportunities, marketing/promotion methods, and networking to find the formula that works best for me. There is more than one way to skin a cat and my formula is evolving for the better every 24 hours.

Bertha Kamp on GOOGLE+

The thing that surprised me the most about studio life in particular is how diligent and rigorous the schedules were. My mentor and his assistant would constantly be receiving phone calls from artists in regards to their schedules for sessions. I had always imagined even professional studios having a more laid-back atmosphere, where people just kind of hang out with the artist(s). But there is a lot more that goes into it than that. You have to make sure no recording sessions are overlapping another and that your schedule meets the needs of the artist(s) because they are the most important in the sessions.

Merril Cassidy on GOOGLE+

Without the Recording Connection, who knows what I’d be doing: probably still working at the UPS Store in the Palisades.

Joseph Pon

Sonic State on the New Learn from Legends Program

“Learn from Legends” represents the next level in pairing a talented aspiring media-arts student with a world-class professional who can act both as a mentor and a role model, providing the student with a learning experience that most hopefuls in the world of music production can only dream of.

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I was placed at a very prominent recording studio, which is located right in the heart of Times Square (penthouse level!) and is located in a building with a phenomenal amount of recording history (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Tupac to name a few). My two mentors were extremely knowledgeable and accommodating from the start and provided a very comfortable and personal learning environment. The course consisted of one-on-one lesson time once a week as well as group labs at least once a week. Through the labs we were exposed to every aspect of studio life. We ran our own sessions, setup and ran live sound at some of NYCs largest venues, helped engineer music video shoots, assist in a console tear-down and set up, and even had the opportunity to be filmed in a reality show. On the audio side I had the opportunity to learn on a wide variety of equipment. Not only have I had the opportunity to work on a top selection of outboard gear, mics, and Pro-tools HD, but I also had the opportunity to learn on three different consoles. (SSL 9080j, Euphonix System 5, and Digidesign Control 24) I even had a chance to assist in the decommissioning of a console and the building of the new one along with the re-wiring that goes along with it. As I worked further and further through my course I was brought into the studio more and more outside of class. First as an intern, then as an assistant, and after only about nine months after I began my course I was engineering my own sessions and getting paid to do so! Since then I have stayed on as an engineer at my mentors’ studio. My engineering credits include Geffen, Universal, Hot 97, Ben Lovett (Mumford and Sons), and many more and it’s only been a year since I started the course. I can’t say enough good things about this program and have recommended it to anyone I know looking to get into the Recording Industry.

Miles Carver on GOOGLE+

Feeling Awesome!

A typical week went like this…engineer live sound for 3 concerts throughout Texas and finish up the week with a recording session at Eighth Note Productions of a jazz group. It doesn’t take long doing this to really know your stuff.

I just earned an engineering credit on Scorpion Child’s upcoming album while externing in the studio. Talk about a great credit on my resume.

Jaque Bunzy on GOOGLE+

Just landed an EDM record deal thanks to hard work, luck and the Recording Connection.


I initially enrolled at the Recording Connection for educational reasons—I wanted to improve my skills. Next thing I know my mentor is telling me he enjoys my work and my creativity and skill set. Now I’m working as a secondary engineer in my mentor’s recording studio. I did not see that coming—I’m just floored.

Leija Beatriz on GOOGLE+

After finishing up my externship here in Florida, I took the advice given to me by my student advisor to continue making myself indispensable. It finally paid off with a paid gig at the recording studio I externd at. As my mentor (and now boss) said….”He just made himself a fixture, and I had no choice but to give him a job.” Thanks Recording Connection for not only the advice, but for putting me in the right place to make that advice work.


Living the dream!

Walking into one of the best recording studios in the area for your first time was a pretty intimidating thing. Although I felt confident in my skills and experience, its a wake up when you walk into a studio like this knowing youre going to learn to master your skills in this very place.


I am truly grateful and thankful that you connected me with a phenomenal mentor. He’s extremely knowledgeable and has a great knack for conveying that knowledge to me. He’s always setting me up for success. Going to Recording Connection is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made…and to think I almost went to CRAS.

Steve Cameron on GOOGLE+

Since 1986, my mentor has been the premier studio for recording, rehearsal, and education for Chicago’s south side. Situated just 10 minutes from the main loop, I have been privileged to entertain many illustrious names from Smokey Norful and Albertina Walker to Hall and Oates and Willie Williams. I was fortunate enough to come across the Recording Connection and started studying at my mentors’ studio, I graduated just as an opening was available for the General Manager position in my own mentors’ studio. My prior management and teaching abilities, combined with recording talents, enabled me to fill the position. Since then, I have headed the great team of engineers (who all are graduates of Recording Connection) bringing a new outlook and focus built on the fine traditions set up by previous recording mentors at this fine recording establishment.

Learning under Recording Connection’s program has been a great step in my career!! I’ve gained real world experience with my mentors that have led me to work on some really cool projects. One of my favorite projects was working with Transcendental Radio of the David Lynch Foundation. Also Recording Connection has helped me explore sound design of IOS apps (Joe the Zombie) and the K-pop industry with Joombas Music Group!

Taylor Crommie on GOOGLE+

Best in Town!

3 months into the program my mentor offered me a full-time staff position at his studio, so I am not only earning my certification through the Recording Connection, but I have now proved myself to my mentor and have earned a full-time position as part of his professional recording team at the studio. Presently I am really enjoying the program, as well as my continued success within the music industry. I am continuing to gain experience and perfecting my beats so I can take the hip-hop world with force.

Elmer Bevardon CYLEX

To be surrounded by like-minded people every day who have the expertise and patience to listen to a mix repetitively, and for as long as it takes, to accomplish what needs to be done is exhilarating. If you want to become a pro, you need to hang around other pros which is exactly what the Recording Connection is designed to do.

Scotty Guy on GOOGLE+
BBB A+ Rating

“BBB has determined that Recording Radio Film Connection, Inc. meets BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints.”

Recording Connection provides unique, mentor-based programs that are affordable, so you can stay in control of your finances.

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