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From the basics of listening and microphone placement to Pro Tools and mastering, externing with a professional audio engineer in the studio, learn in the trenches and on-the-job. Take your dreams to the professional level in our Recording Connection for Audio Engineering & Music Production program.

Audio Engineering Details

Learn advanced audio techniques in overdubbing, mixdown and mastering. Extern under a professional audio engineer/music producer/mixer while gaining an insider's access to the music industry with the Recording Connection for Advanced Audio Engineering & Music Production program.

Advanced Audio Details
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Sign up now for a personal virtual or in-person tour of a Tennessee studio and meet a professional music producer or audio engineer who will be your private teacher.
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Our Alternative to Audio Schools in Nashville

Our fully-immersive curriculum covers all of the following:

Building Relationships

With artists, audio engineers, studio management, record labels, clients.

Audio Software

Pro Tools, Reason, Logic, and/or Ableton Live.

Making Music

Composition, arranging, mixing, recording.

Hardware and Equipment

Analog consoles, signal processing and compressors, microphone placement.

Total Cost

Program Tuition
Recording Connection for Audio Engineering & Music Production 12,750
Recording Connection for Advanced Audio Engineering & Music Production 12,750

Meet Some of Our

Students & Mentors

Recording Connection mentor Jony Mansilla on Being a Business & an Artist, Constantly Creating & more.

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Recording Connection student Miley Knox Places 2 Beats with Wu-Tang Affiliate!

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How Zach Eaton Got Audio Skills & Got Hired at Premier Recording Studio in One Year

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Recording Connection mentor Aaron R. Reppert on Dolby Atmos, Finding Your Passion in Audio & more!

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Roman Molino Dunn on Creating Soundtracks, Being an In-Demand Producer & Music Mentorship

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The Best of 2020 is here!

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Recording Connection mentor Steve Catizone on Vibe, Hiring Students & Training Tomorrow’s Audio Pros During COVID-19

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Recording Connection graduate Andrew Marshala Overcomes Addiction & Gets Hired at Mentor Studio

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Learn in a Nearby

Nashville Studio

Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville Nashville

School News

Jumping in with both feet: Chingas Kemps moves to Nashville

“Chingas checked out some Nashville schools, but ultimately decided on the Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools because it would enable him to learn on-the-job in a real Nashville studio. “Having the option to be with a mentor instead of just being one of 15 or 20 in a class,” he says, “that spoke to me the most.”

Chingas soon found himself apprenticing with a seasoned industry pro in Nashville: producer/engineer Ric Web (Alan Jackson, Taylor Swift) at South Street Studios. He experienced the benefit of one-on-one instruction almost immediately as he began to see the gaps in his self-taught experience.

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Music Scene in Nashville

Recording Connection, a program area of The Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools offers programs that get you training as an extern inside of professional recording studios, working and training as an audio student extern to learn recording, audio engineering, and mixing.

It’s called “Music City, U.S.A.” for a reason. Long recognized as the country music capital of the world, Nashville is actually one of the world’s biggest hubs for the music industry in general. While country music certainly dominates the musical landscapes, there are hotbeds of rock, punk, hip-hop, gospel, folk old-time and even R&B throughout the city as well. Icons like Jimi Hendrix and Etta James have roots here, just the same as the Carter Family and George Jones.

As is to be expected, Nashville is known not just for its recording studios, but for its incredible live music scene. Everyone knows about the Grand Ole Opry and Ryman Auditorium (and more recently, The 5 Spot, thanks to ABC TV series Nashville).  But there’s also the Bluebird Café, Rocketown, Mercy Lounge, The Basement, and innumerable others. Just outside the Ryman, music fans can take their pick from dozens of venues within walking distance along Second Ave. and Lower Broadway. There’s definitely no shortage of venues in Nashville, let alone musical acts to play in them. (Nashville is to aspiring musical artists as Hollywood is to aspiring actors!)

Of course, Nashville is the ‘Mecca’ of country music, heralded by the four-day CMA Music Festival held each June, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and of course, Opryland USA. Each of these landmarks and events create great opportunities for music fans to hear their favorite artists, but for the musicians and industry professionals themselves, the real work goes on in Nashville’s recording studios, where some of the best-selling music in the world is recorded, produced, and mixed on a daily basis. Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools puts you in the heart of the action.

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Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools is an Audio School Alternative


Learn Audio in Nashville!

Since we're in Nashville you don't have to relocate. You can do your externship with your mentor who's locally based. It makes no sense to leave Nashville in order to get working in music. Learn in-industry with us.

The other guys don't come close. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Learn on Industry Standard Gear with Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools.

Commercial audio studios exist in a highly competitive industry. With the Recording Connection, you'll learn at just such a studio. You will get hands-on access to the professional equipment your mentor uses to make quality tracks.

Many school's have outdated gear. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Learn In a Real Recording Studio, Not a Classroom.

Nashville has one of the most vibrant music industries in the world. So why settle for learning audio and music production in some isolated classroom? The best place to learn this business is from inside a real recording studio. That’s exactly where we put you. Not in a classroom.

Learn right where music gets made. Advantage: Recording Connection.


One-on-One Instruction From a Mentor.

You can learn the craft and the business of the industry as an extern to someone who actually works in it day in, day out. That's why we pair you with a real producer/engineer for one-on-one training.

With us, you are always number one. Advantage: Recording Connection.

Student in recording studio

We Take a Holistic Approach.

Simply put, encountering techniques, practices, and tricks of the trade from inside a recording studio is a more holistic way to learn the craft. Seeing and learning the how's and why's in-tandem enables students to achieve practical know-how.

Learning hands-on and in-studio just makes more sense.


Job Placement Assistance.

Many of our apprentices are offered jobs in the studios where they completed their externships. The Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools offers job placement assistance upon completion of the program.

Learning the ropes in-industry can help get you hired by the pros. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Recommended By the Pros.

There’s a simple reason why so many professional audio engineers and music producers recommend our programs, they know they work.

We have endorsements from some of the best in the business. Advantage: Recording Connection.


Insider Status.

Gaining "insider status" is one of the biggest hurdles newcomers face in this business. But with the Recording Connection, you’ll be inside from day one. We get you in the door, and we give you the opportunity to prove you deserve to be there.

The other guys are on the outside looking in. Prove you deserve to be there.Advantage: Recording Connection.



Stuck on an assignment or project? Not to worry. Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools offers tutoring to help guide you through the curriculum.

Tutoring to help you learn. Advantage: Recording Connection.

Student in recording studio


Ask anyone in this business, and they'll tell you connections are a key to your success. By putting you where the action is happening, our programs give you access to make the connections that can one day help jumpstart your career.

Real world music industry connections. Big Advantage: Recording Connection.

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Recording Connection provides affordable, unique education models coupled with mentor-based (externship) programs that can be engaged remotely or in person.

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