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Recording Studio Welcome

Welcome to your journey with the Recording Connection! We’re downright passionate about getting you everything you need to get going as a working professional in the music industry and to start building the career you want to have.

RRFC Mission Statement
The intent of this program is to provide you, the student extern, with a solid foundation in the ever-changing, ever-evolving, highly competitive world of music recording, music creation, and music production. A career in the music industry can be a challenging, exciting, and rewarding way to live your life. Nevertheless, your commitment to being the champion of your success is largely up to you. With a lot of drive and a lot of heart, over time, you will become adept at developing your skills and meet your personal and professional goals.

Beyond the course materials, the most important thing is the door that Recording Connection has opened for you with your mentor. Yes, this course is essential to your future. Yes, our “Stay Connected” Career Services program for graduates will be helpful to you; but NOTHING ELSE is as important as the connection that Recording Connection has made for you.

How you handle your relationship with your mentor is EVERYTHING. Your mentor is a working professional in the music business, which means that, if you learn well and work well with your mentor, he or she can help you to become a working professional.

If your parents, guardian, or other loved ones are actively involved in supporting you in your education (either financially, emotionally, or both), get them to go through this valuable Digital Information Kit with you! Positive support systems are very important, so acknowledge those persons for their contributions.

Furthermore, we suggest you take a moment to consider your day-to-day routine. You may even want to remove needless distractions or stressors, so that you can make room for the challenges and the journey ahead.

To your success!

The Recording Connection Team, RRFC.


Our school truly does things differently. In fact, many of our reviews online (some of which are in the video below) say, we hit different.

Other schools put you in a crowded classroom on a college campus. We put you in an actual recording studio.

Other schools: Crowded ClassroomsOther schools: crowded classrooms
Recording Connection: 1-on-1, in an actual recording studioRecording Connection: 1-on-1, in an actual recording studio.

Other audio schools charge between $19,000 to $36,000. Recording Connection purposely keeps our tuition low so you stay out of debt.

We believe in one-on-one education; they believe in packing you in lecture halls!

They believe in meaningless diplomas that have absolutely zero value in the music business. We believe in giving you hands on learning as you build a portfolio of original music.

Yes, that’s right, if you do your homework, you will be making your own original music!

There’s an old saying, “You are judged by the company you keep.” We want you to see for yourself the positive company we’ve kept over the years. You’re in good hands.

Dominick Eagles aka Nick E. BeatsDominick Eagles aka Nick E. Beats started selling his beats and tracks online. One buyer was none other than Fetty Wap! That beat ended up being used in Fetty Wap’s “My Way.” Nick E. Beats is now a Double Platinum Producer, Beat Maker, and Recording Engineer. He’s worked with Drake, Gucci Mane, and Rich the Kid, to name a few.

Graduated May 2014.
Ramy MoralesRamy Morales (Travis Scott, Yo Gotti, Gunna, Lil Baby, Tyla Yahweh, Don Toliver, Key Glock, 2 Chainz, YFN Lucci) currently has 5 platinum tracks under his belt, a deal with Sony/ATV, and more on the way. Ramy credits his mentor for playing an integral role in his success by supporting him and enabling him to build industry connections. He’s still working with his mentor today.

Graduated 2016.
Arturo MedinaArturo Medina is now working as a freelance audio engineer. He is using Career Services as a resource and strategy to help build his freelance business. Arturo is currently working on an 11-track album for a band.

Graduated March 2020.
Zachary EatonZachary Eaton is now an employed Audio Engineer at Enviyon Studios, an established multi-room recording studio where Juice Wrld recorded his charting song “Lean wit Me.”

Graduated May 2020.
Morning EstradaMorning Estrada has garnered three Grammy nominations and one Latin Grammy win. Artists and producers he’s working with include Aminé, Rosalía, Jessie J, J. Balvin, Frank Dukes, Camper, El Guincho, Brandy, Trinidad James, Tech N9NE, Nelly, 50 Cent, Linzi Jai, Marsha Ambrosius, Noah Cyrus, Mr. Porter, and more.

Graduated 2012.
Taylor CrommieTaylor Crommie has worked with Lea Michelle, DJ Paul, Kembe X, Jay Rock, Wifi Funeral, YelaWolf, Lance Skiiiwalker, Reddish Blue, Rob Vicious, K-pop band Speed, and more.

Graduated Audio May 2012. Graduated our Advanced Audio Program December 2014.
Nicholos EmmansNicholos Emmans, through music licensing, is now affiliated with Jingle Punks and has landed placements on COMPLEX videos with millions of views featuring Bryson Tiller, Lil Wayne, Druski, and Jim Jones.

Graduated February 2021.
Jay EarleyJay Earley is working on his first paid gig: a 6-track EP! Thanks to his maturity and dedication, Jay was entrusted with the opportunity to assist his mentor at working with numerous clients while still completing the audio and music production program.

Graduated February 2021.

Once our students graduate, they are connected to the Career Services Department to help them find paid work in the recording industry.

Career advisors refer graduates to opportunities available through their department as well as provide guidance with career goals and strategy, including:

  • Creating resumes and cover lettersCreating resumes and cover letters
  • Job interview preparationJob interview preparation
  • Setting short-term and long-term goalsSetting short-term and long-term goals
  • Portfolio buildingPortfolio building
  • Internship applicationsInternship applications
  • Providing music business resourcesProviding music business resources

We’ve helped thousands of people before and even during the pandemic.

These stories are available on our newsletter. Please visit our newsletter as it highlights the success stories experienced by people who had little to no experience when they applied, just like you!

Bear in mind, the Recording Connection is solely acceptance-based.
To attend, you must be accepted by two people:

  1. The professional you are about to meet or have just met (the mentor).
  2. Matthew Johnson, the school’s Director of Admissions.

So it is important to do your best to impress both! If you are accepted, know that this means your mentor, an industry professional with years of experience, thinks you have an opportunity to be successful in the music industry! We will help you get accepted, but ultimately it is up to you to do your homework and prepare for this meeting with your mentor. Be sure to watch this webinar. It’s full of information you need to navigate your program and it answers many FAQs.

To be fully prepared, we strongly advise to watch the webinar with your family (or whoever is supporting you through this journey) and above all, attend and take notes when Mr. Johnson or one of his colleagues gives you your preparation call before your interview.

Await the Final Decision

After your interview, we’ll talk with both you and your mentor. Being able to reach you in a timely manner is very important at this stage. If we cannot reach you, you may lose your place, as openings can fill up very quickly! Therefore, we suggest you keep your phone ringer on and check for emails, voicemails, and text messages regularly. Without the mentor’s approval, you cannot be accepted by Recording Connection. If you do not hear from us within 90 minutes after your interview, give us a call at 1-800-755-7597.

Recording Connection Graduate Ramy Morales (Travis Scott, yo Gotti, Gunna/Lil Baby)

Recording Connection graduate Ramy Morales (Travis Scott, Yo Gotti, Gunna/Lil Baby)

If you’re accepted, you’ll receive a letter from one of our mentors! Click or tap the sample image to expand.

In the event that you have not been recommended for acceptance by the mentor with whom you interviewed, we will evaluate why you were not accepted. Occasionally there are simple situational conflicts, and selecting a different mentor at a different studio will solve the problem. However, some applicants are not accepted for reasons which are unlikely to change regardless of the studio or mentor. If that is the case, we will give you some tips and advice on how you may improve and allow you to apply again after one year.

While we understand not being accepted can be a letdown, we know that readiness and the ability to commit to one’s program is a huge factor in one’s success.

If you’re accepted, you’ll receive a letter from one of our mentors! Click or tap the sample image to expand.

RRFC Funding Your Tuition

Once you’ve received that amazing acceptance by your mentor, your Director of Admissions will send you a link to the payment portal or more information on how to directly fund your tuition. We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, checks and money orders (be sure to add tracking to any checks or money orders so we can know when to expect your payment). Below are the different options for you when funding your tuition:

Pay in Full (if Possible)
Paying in full is the ideal option for anyone enrolling in Recording Connection. When you pay in full, you pay 0%, nothing, nada, zip in accrued interest (please see next page for a detailed look at the incredible benefits of paying your tuition in full). Do you have a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, mentor, or best friend
who wants to see you succeed at doing what you love? If you don’t have the entire amount of the tuition, asking one of them for help is a great place to start to set you on the path for your new journey. Overall, you can save time, money, and stress by paying in full. Furthermore, when you pay in full we will deduct $500 from the cost of tuition.
RRFC Funding Your Tuition Pay in Full
Internal Finance:
For many of us, financing at least part of our education is a necessity. With a low down payment of around $4,000 (depending on which program you’ve enrolled in) you can finance the rest over a four year or five year period. Ask to speak to one of our Family Financial Planners for more information on your Internal Financing options.
Climb Credit, third party lender:
If you have at least $500 saved for your education, we can help you fund your tuition through a third party education lender known as Climb Credit (for more information on how to get started, see the Climb Application page.)
Private Personal Loan:
If none of these options seem feasible for you at this time, hope is not lost. You can still go to any bank and ask to apply for a private loan in the amount of your tuition. These loans are usually at low-interest rates (especially if you have a co-signer) and you will still be eligible for a “Pay In Full” discount since on our end we see this as funding your tuition in full!
RRFC Funding Your Tuition Private Personal Loan

It is important to research your options so that you can find the best possible loan to meet your needs.

Credit Union Personal Loans: Credit unions use their unique business structures to offer great deals to their members. That’s because these financial institutions are not-for-profit, so they’re designed to help communities and customers and give them a leg up.

When it comes to credit union personal loans, this often results in some of the lowest rates and fees. Some credit unions also offer unique products such as savings-secured loans or credit builder loans.

Online Personal Loans:
Many FinTech companies and online lenders are able to offer a better value thanks to lower overhead and a smaller line of products. Different online lenders can work with different credit backgrounds too, to offer you the best rates.
Conventional Personal Loans:
Here is a list of a few common personal loan providers. This list is not exhaustive, so please research your options and current finance rates.

  • Wells Fargo Personal Loans
  • Marcus Personal Loans
  • American Express Personal Loan
  • SoFi Personal Loans
  • TD Bank
Definitely Consider a Co-Signer: Ask Mom, Dad, Grandparents, Supportive People in Your Life
Another way to keep your interest rate as low as possible is to have a co-signer on board to help you out. Are your mother, father, best friend, grandparent, aunt or uncle interested in seeing you succeed at doing what you love? The best way to think of who your co-signer could be is: Who’s on your side? Who wants you to succeed? Is there anyone in your life who’s supportive and excited about you pursuing an audio career?
RRFC Funding Your Tuition Family

Having a co-signer with good or great credit can improve your chances of getting your loan approved and may help you lock in a lower interest rate. So, prior to researching your loan options, ask yourself if getting a co-signer would be a smart decision. Then, reach out to that supportive person prior to researching specific loan options.

Paying in full is by far the best option for anyone enrolling in RRFC. When you pay in full you incur 0% in accrued interest and you can forget about ever having to make monthly payments to anyone. So save time, money, and stress by paying in full. Furthermore, when you pay in full we will deduct $500 from the cost of tuition.

Why pay $19,500 for a $13,000 program?Why pay $19,500 for a $13,000 program?


$13,000 Loan

$6,000 Interest and fees

+ 500 Orgination fee


Financing can be a great option,

but interest can add up over the term of your loan. You may also be charged an origination fee of around $500.

CLIMB Financing


$13,000 Loan

$2,000 Interest and fees

+ 500 Orgination fee

500 Orgination fee


Don’t have the cash?

You’re not out of luck. Some banks offer private loans at lower interest rates, which may help you

SAVE $2,000-$4,000*.

It doesn’t hurt to ask.


$13,000 Loan

500 Orgination fee


Paying your tuition in full can help you

SAVE $5,000-$6,000

in interest & fees.*

Pay Cash Plus!

Piggy Bank








Reach out to mom, dad, best friend, ex-teacher, aunt, uncle, grandparent & anyone else who wants to see you succeed.

Who can help with tuition?Who can help with tuition?

Reach out to mom, dad, best friend, ex-teacher, aunt, uncle, grandparent & anyone else who wants to see you succeed.


Need Help, or have questions

Family Financial Planners

1 (800) 295-4433

If you feel our lending option would be the best option for you, here’s our no-hassle process; we work with a company called Climb Credit, a third-party lending institution for education.
RRFC CLIMB Application
RRFC CLIMB Financing

There is a small deposit required for the loan, usually around $500, but this won’t be paid until you’ve met with and been accepted by your mentor.

The great thing about their loan program is that for the first 12 months they make your monthly payments manageable. Depending on your credit history, your monthly payment could be anywhere between $90 to $150 a month. Then, on the 13th month, your monthly payment will go up to around $200 to $300 a month, again, depending on credit history. Keep in mind, it will not go up at anytime after that and there is no pre-payment penalty. Paying your loan off early is a great way to keep the interest down.

Recording Connect Graduate Efrain Matias, owner Silverback Audio (San Diego, CA)
You are not alone while training with your mentor. Our Academic Facilitators will help guide you through the program. They are secondary mentors who are working with each student remotely. They take the time with you to make sure you are getting the most out of the program as well as tutor you to help supplement what you’re already learning from your mentor.
You are not alone while training with your mentor. Our Academic Facilitators will help guide you through the program. They are secondary mentors who are working with each student remotely. They take the time with you to make sure you are getting the most out of the program as well as tutor you to help supplement what you’re already learning from your mentor.
Recording Connect Graduate Efrain Matias, owner Silverback Audio (San Diego, CA)

Notes from our Academics Team:

“Our sessions with students start off as DAW basics, and evolve to working on their personal projects.”

“One of my students, Malik, did weekly sessions with me where we worked on his ear for sound selection and placement. Now he’s producing for the major label artist Quin NFN.”

“I take a specialized approach with each student and make sure their weakest aspect in music production becomes their strongest.”

RRFC Academics

“From traditional academic tutoring to specialized, focused one-on-one video sessions, I take pride in ensuring that my students have a completely enraptured experience that’s relevant to their professional progression.”

“Every week, students can expect a friendly, familiar, and firm interaction to inquire about their mentorship experience, suggest professional improvements, and receive advice on how to optimize their experience as they work through the curriculum.”

We’ll work with you one-on-one, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Pacific Time.

Welcome to our tutorial on how our unique curriculum is offered and delivered in a manner that sets us apart from other schools. Please take a minute to look at our Learning Management System (LMS) aka the student portal. You are welcome to go over each lesson at your own pace, but the material will be covered in tandem with your remote mentor, all from the comfort of your own home, favorite café, or studio.

After each lesson is completed, your mentor will help ensure that you understand the content and build upon your education via private, one-on-one sessions. Our partnered industry pros will be using our curriculum as the foundation to help you build more and more projects over time.For example, if you’re taking one of our audio programs, you would do the reading, finish the quiz at the end of the lesson, and hit submit.

During your next session, your mentor will review and discuss your previously submitted lesson. With an understanding of your progress, they will help you build real projects to bolster your music production career.

5 Star Rating

Soon after she graduated from the Recording Connection apprenticeship program, Alexa found herself working in the world of touring musicians. “I was living in Vancouver doing the program, and even before I could finish…I got a job within a couple of months through the connections I made…I started working in live events and working with some really big names. I have set up AC/DC, I’ve set up a private show with Katy Perry, I’ve done Dave Matthews…I’ve worked with a lot of shows.” Alexa has parlayed the skills and connections she made from her time with her mentor Kaj Falch-Nielsen at Blue Light Studio (Vancouver, BC, CA) into a career working with some of the biggest names in music (including A$AP Rocky read here). When she’s not on the road, Alexa is working on building her own home studio and laying down her own music. Read More

Alexa Cooper in Vancouver, Vancouver

5 Star Rating

“I have been training under professional audio engineer and Grammy award winner Marc Moreau to learn Ableton and Pro Tools, and the knowledge I have gained is priceless! I have also been working with my academic facilitator Hunter Arbaugh who is… Read More

Nicholas Leupen in Skyesville, Maryland via Google

5 Star Rating

“I always made beats, that was my number one thing. Every time he would explain something, I would go home and put on my beats and be like, ‘Wow, this sounds way better.”

Elijah Ibarra in Hollywood, California

5 Star Rating

“It’s been one of the best decisions I have made.”

James Boucher in Los Angeles, California

5 Star Rating

“I got hired at Buffalo State College as their A2 at Rockwell Hall. So they have national acts that come in, and plays, and operas and stuff like that [which] I run the sound for.“

Jamila Nicolas in Buffalo, New York

5 Star Rating

“Recording Connection helped me realize that Audio Engineering and Music Production was the career path I wanted to take in life. I found Recording Connection when searching for alternative forms of higher education in music, and I was… Read more

Samuel Simpson in Wakefield, Massachusetts via Google

5 Star Rating

“I have been fortunate enough to sit in on some major mixing projects which has taught me more than I could learn in a class or as a lecture. That’s what this school does, it puts you in the place you want to be.“

Brent Vassar in Pacifica, California

5 Star Rating

“Recording Connection is an awesome experience primarily because it allows for a personalized, hands-on learning experience. This method of education was far more appealing to me than the large lecture format of a traditional school. One… Read more

Benjamin Taylor in Glendale, California via Google

5 Star Rating

“Recording Connection gave me the tools to jump into a different part of the music industry that I never thought about as a career. It’s funny the way life takes you but I have really enjoyed the ride.”

Brian Piper in Stow, Ohio

5 Star Rating

“After working with Uncle Joey at Chrystal Clear Studios in Philadelphia combined with the help of my Academic Facilitator Alex Solis, and of course a serious focus on learning, I feel incredibly capable of working in any professional Recording studio. Uncle Joey gave me incredible in depth, one on one mentoring in ways that I understand, even the most in difficult concepts. He answered any question I ever had and continues to help even after graduation. Alex, my academic facilitator gave me in depth lessons on concepts I had extended questions about. He was incredibly helpful for me in understanding from lesson one until the final exam. I feel that learning in a professional working studio is the best way to learn audio engineering. Working with programs and hardware hands on is truly the best way to learn. The RC?s cost compared to other 4 year schools and programs is significantly less, you won?t be left in debt! The Recording Connections gives you all the information you need and none of what you don?t for a fraction of the price of other schools. Thank you Recording Connections, thank you Alex, and thank you Uncle Joey!!!”

Shea Feehan in Galloway, New Jersey via Email

5 Star Rating

“I just like being involved in the creative process and seeing their faces when they hear the final masters, and being like, ‘Yeah, I know. It’s all good. I did that. I made you sound great.’”

April Edwards in Lexington, Kentucky

5 Star Rating

“It’s an amazing feeling. There’s nothing I can’t do now, which is one of the greatest things ever, [to be] a musician and an engineer and all that. I’m confident that anything that I want to do musically, I can do it now. There’s no limitations.”

Nigel Dean in San Diego, California

5 Star Rating

“I applied to both Full Sail and Recording Connection at the same time and got accepted into both! I am so happy that I ended up going with Recording Connection because they have studios all around the country that allows you to get a hands on experience from the comforts of your state.”

Alyson Hilland in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

5 Star Rating

“Learning it doesn’t guarantee you can do it. Doing it proves you can do it.”

Victor Castaldo in Troy, Ohio

5 Star Rating

“As a student and now a graduate of Recording Connection, I will say that this has been the best experience that I have ever had. My mentor, G.W. Childs, was the most professional and highly experienced engineer that I have ever met. The way he taught was…”

Patrick Vang in Watertown, Wisconsin via Email

5 Star Rating

“Exceeded my expectations. Whether you went to school for audio engineering or a complete amateur like myself, I highly recommend taking on this experience with Recording Connection. I was linked with Engine Room Audio in New York City, and it was an amazing experience being surrounded by industry professionals and mentors for 6 months. They gave me such amazing insight on the music industry and tools to elevate my skills on music production. Vinnie was my instructor teaching me the course, and I looked forward to every lesson. It was great being 1 on 1 with him to watch him work at the same time get the education catered to what I wanted to learn and understand better. I learned so much from being hands on in their top tier studio and live room with guidance of experienced engineers, willing to answer any questions and demonstrate professional tactics from recording, mixing, mastering and simple professional studio etiquette. It was an amazing bonus to be able to also attend seminars and live studio sessions to shadow once again experienced professionals. A Q&A with 2 big producers, Buda & Grandz, a hands on workshop with Jed Cappelli operating analog synthesizers, a mixing “in the box” tutorial with Nacor Zuluaga, to many lectures with Mark Christiansen. I couldn’t of asked for a better experience. Mark Christiansen, the owner of the studio and head mastering engineer, was very helpful and inspiring. Being inexperienced myself, I feel very confident now I can continue to incorporate music in my life at another level and build into more experience every day. As well having a mentor from Recording Connection Alex Solis, who provided additional assistance at home to further engage my learning experience. The priceless aspect of this program as well was the network I built from other students to my mentors that I have available for the rest of my life. Personally music is my passion and a hobby I will never stop as I have played piano since I was 4 years old, and my main goal is to always have fun with it, but I also believe it can turn into something I can make part of my career. Thank you for providing this opportunity, it truly is a great program. I would definitely consider taking another course.”

Aldo Cascio in Frankline Lakes, New Jersey via Google

5 Star Rating

“Learning audio engineering through Recording Connection was the best decision I could’ve made. My mentor Steve Catizone at Infinite Music has over 2 decades worth of experience and he shares all his industry knowledge to any student who is… Read more

Delaney Benstead in Boston, Massachusetts via Email

5 Star Rating

“Recording Connection Audio Institute has been, by far, one of the best experiences of my life. I have been able to learn much more than I would have in a normal college classroom. This school gave me access to an Academic Facilitator (Sam Zulfer & Alex S…”

Braydon Holzinger in Winchester, Tenessee via Google

5 Star Rating

“I got hired as an audio/visual technician and it’s amazing. It’s going great.”

Aqellezra “Echo” Gabriel in Sacramento, California

5 Star Rating

“I went to Ithaca College and graduated from their audio production program, and was trying to find my way into the industry… but I couldn’t really find my footing…That’s when I found Recording Connection…It helped me get to where I’m at now.”

Frank Demilt in Princeton, New Jersey

5 Star Rating

“Steve is a wonderful mentor and teacher, he is always ready to help and is extremely patient! He is an amazing engineer with broad knowledge of the music industry. The studio is extremely cozy and clean and his staff are always very welcoming and professional. I would definitely recommend their services of all kinds! 10/10”

Jeremy Ng in Boston, Massachusetts via Google