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These Recording Connection graduates are now working in the audio recording and music producing business because of the education they received and the connections they made through our school. Some are now Chief Engineers, others are recording studio owners, and still others are producing.

Recording Connection gets you in the door of a real studio where the action happens. We open the door, we make the connection, and we train you. If you are hard-working and motivated, this could be you one day soon. "The proof is in the pudding," as the saying goes; these stories are proof that you, too, can live your dream. Please read on:

Recording Connection graduate Eric Gonzalez lands a job at a major studio!

Recording Connection graduate Eric Gonzalez offers key advice to other students as they complete their apprenticeships: “Once they’re done with the program, if they don’t happen to get a job at that studio they’re apprenticing at, don’t stop,” he says. “Google studios. Send them emails. Because who knows? That one email can be that one […]

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In-studio training helps Charles Huston launch his career

From an early age, Chicago-based Recording Connection student Charles Huston knew he belonged in the recording studio. “My whole life I’ve kinda been a tech head…a gear luster,” he says. “My dad actually comes from the old L.A. record industry. My Dad’s been having me in and out of a few studios my whole life. […]

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Chris Litwin: From senior mechanic to studio owner

Singer/Songwriter Lindsey Kappa adds music engineering to her skills

“I knew when I was 14 that being a musician wasn’t always a guarantee,” says Recording Connection apprentice Lindsey Kappa.. “So I ended up going to a concert for my cousin’s band, and after the show he recommended, ‘Hey, why don’t you check out sound while you start trying to pursue your music career?’” It […]

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Recording Connection graduate Devin Zorn: developing a “signature” sound

Spend a few minutes talking with Recording Connection graduate Devin Zorn, and it’s apparent that he’s got some very specific opinions about sound and audio in the music he records and mixes. Take, for example, his own band The Q, which he describes as “if Pink Floyd made a dance album.” The band’s sound is […]

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Two Recording Connection students form a “Clever Empire”

Tanner Bjorklund (“T-Strix”) was a gifted teenage rap artist who attended the Recording Connection because he wanted to try and record his own music. After graduating, he had the skills he needed, but as an artist, he still found it challenging to be both in front of the board and behind it. Rodolfo Lopez (“R-Lo”) […]

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Recording Connection graduate Mike Messina: Guided by Passion and Opportunity

“I’ve honestly been interested in sound since I was like five years old,” says Mike Messina. “I just screw around with sound effects and music—sound effects from movies, video games, animation—I’ve been doing that most of my life…I’d put a sign on my [bedroom] door saying, “Recording session in progress, do not disturb.’” Looking for […]

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Jake Kiyokane lands paid gigs at his mentor's studio!

Apprenticing at Serenity West Recording in Los Angeles, Recording Connection master’s program student Jake Kiyokane has learned an important secret to breaking into the recording industry: be available as much as possible, even beyond the lessons. “I started just putting myself out there more a little bit,” he says, “just hitting them up more, like, […]

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Recording Connection graduate Garrett Pace: HIRED!

Never presume. This is one of the biggest lessons to take away from the story of Recording Connection grad Garrett Pace, because at first glance he seemed the most unlikely student to get hired by his mentor. Classically trained as a singer and multi-instrumentalist, Garrett held a bachelor’s degree in music and seemed poised to […]

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Recording Connection Apprentice lands Job at Mentor's Studio in Corpus Christie, TX

Perhaps nothing is a better birthday present for any aspiring audio engineer than a job offer and that’s exactly what Jacob Keithley of Corpus Christi, TX, got just days before turning 22! While some apprentices start Recording Connection knowing exactly what they want to do and which areas they want to focus on, others like […]

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Recording Connection Graduate Sebastian Lefeld Works with Santana, Shawn Mendes!

“Whenever I take a break,” says Recording Connection graduate Sebastian Lefeld, “I’m always thinking there’s someone else out there who’s doing what I do who’s not taking a break, and I get back to work.” It’s this very work ethic that not only helped Sebastian make the most of his Recording Connection apprenticeship, but also […]

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Thomas Dante: From Apprentice to Paid Staff Engineer in Houston!

It’s something we tell all our students: when you apprentice in a real recording studio with a mentor, you’re not only learning audio engineering—you’re auditioning for a job. Impress your mentor, and he might just hire you! That’s exactly how Thomas Dante played it, which is how he landed an ongoing job in Houston, Texas […]

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Recording Connection Student Opens Recording Studio in Nashville!

When John Curtis signed up to apprentice with Ric Web at South Studios, little did he know that within less than a year, he’d be running a recording studio of his own but that’s exactly what happened. Getting into a real studio and learning the craft was dream come true for John who, in his […]

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Taylor Crommie, Los Angeles, CA

Talk to any famous musician, producer or audio engineer and ask them what they have to say about learning, about growing creatively and technically and chances are, they’ll all tell you, learning is a lifelong pursuit. The people who make it are always growing, always gaining exposure to as many sounds and musical worlds as […]

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Recording graduate Alex Arnold quits job, launches career!

Sometimes, you have to close one door before another one opens. And sometimes the connections you make now will come back to help you in the future! Recording Connection graduate Alex Arnold learned this firsthand when his former Recording Connection mentor called him up a year later with a job offer—a job that enabled Alex […]

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Nacor Zuluaga Beats the Odds at New York City's Engine Room Audio

Despite a language barrier that would have deterred some people, Recording Connection apprentice Nacor Zuluaga’s commitment to the craft of audio engineering not only gained the trust of his mentor, master engineer Mark Christiansen, but also landed him a job working with his mentor long past his apprenticeship! Nacor was slated to start audio engineering […]

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Dallas, TX recording apprentice Ayaz Ismail releases Bollywood-style album with help from industry veteran Rick Rooney!

Learning on-the-job definitely has its advantages—for example, the opportunity to have a seasoned industry veteran help you produce your own music! Ayaz Ismail of Dallas, TX experienced this firsthand when his mentor, music industry veteran Rick Rooney at Planet Dallas, worked with Ismail to help record and release his own full-length Bollywood-style album! Titled Is […]

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Living in the Moment - Checking in with Engineering Graduate Clint Badal

Clint Badal is a recent graduate of the Recording Engineering program at the Recording Connection. Clint has stated that his mentor was not only very professional, but also that he really knows his stuff and wants his apprentices to be as knowledgeable as he is about audio engineering. In their workshops together, Clint’s mentor devoted […]

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Recording Connection Student Opens "Blue Creek Productions"

Dustin Bannister is a Recording engineer from about an hour and half from St. Louis, Missouri in a town called Patton. While still enrolled in the Recording Connection Program Dustin successfully opened his own studio called “Blue Creek Productions” in March 2013. During his time at the studio, Dustin had the awesome opportunity to work […]

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Mentor: Matt Stein, Brooklyn, NY

One on One: A Formula for Success Matt Stein is no stranger to success in the recording industry. In 2005, he was nominated for a Grammy award and has overseen Swan7 studio, which he founded and was recently featured in “L Magazine.” In addition to his years of experience in production and mixing, he has […]

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My TIme with Uncle J - Brandon Skylar

by Brandon Skylar, Bethlehem, PA The Recording Connection has taught me a few things. One, I didn’t know jack about audio before I attended. (No pun intended). Two, workers in the entertainment business are some of the most hospitable people I’ve ever met and finally, three, If you apply yourself and take every opportunity that […]

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Richard Sawchuk Finds Success After Graduating from the Recording Connection

I grew up with music. My father was a square dance caller and my older brother was very active as a keyboard player and vocalist. I took 4 years of Royal Conservatory piano and theory when I was quite young and went on to drumming at age 10. My brother, David, went on to audio […]

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Todd Talbot Returns to the Classroom After a 20 Year Break

Just like with other higher education programs, the Recording Connection is open to adults looking to get a grip on how music is recorded industry wide. Read what Todd Talbot, 42 from Denver, CO had to say about his time in the program. "Having the opportunity to be in the studio and working on stuff, […]

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Darlene Pech - Recording Connection Student

We pride ourselves in many things here at the Recording Connection. While many of our students capitalize on the opportunities we provide or paid employment, during and after our program, we have much more to be proud of as well. As simple as it might sound we take great pride in knowing that what we […]

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Rachael Kylie - Recording Connection Student

In our effort to highlight the achievements of our students the Recording Connection interviewed one of our our, Rachael Kylie of Taylorsville, Utah to hear share how she is making the most of her talents and opportunities. When getting started with the program: "It was awesome, like I loved it right away. I was excited […]

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Lilly Carey works with Legendary Singer / Songwriter Roberta Flack.

When Lilly started taking the program she: “thought it was really cool. My first or second week I ended up meeting Roberta Flack… (later) Penn Badgley… He came in to record a song for his movie about Jeff Buckley. That was really cool because he;s a pretty big celebrity… Elizabeth Chan, she has this pretty […]

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November 2011 Reviews from our Students and Graduates

November 18, 2011 Success Stories Work along side the music professionals. “This week with my mentor has been amazing. Actually, every week so far has been. The first week I had very little confidence in what I was doing due to all the technical jargon, as well as just overall complexities within a professional recording […]

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October 2011 Reviews from our Students and Graduates

October 28, 2011 Success Stories Learn the skills needed to become a successful audio engineer. “This lesson was with my mentor was one that I had been looking forward to for quite some time, the week where I started console training. The console is eye candy that anyone aspiring to be an audio engineer wants […]

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September 2011 Reviews from our Students and Graduates

September 30, 2011 Success Stories Work with your mentors’ famous clientele. “At my lesson today with my mentor we arrived at my 4th week in the Recording Connection program. This lesson was on patch bays and signal flows. While going through the quiz assigned to me by the program, my mentor would repeatedly go to […]

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Ozzy Williams - Recording Connection Graduate

Prior to joining the Recording Connection I was working in a field that made me extremely unhappy. I realized at that point that I desperately needed to make a change. I can remember that, ever since I had attended a concert when I was a young child, working in the music industry was a true […]

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Joey Merichko - Recording Connection Graduate

“I am a vocalist and keyboardist currently now working in Chicago. I have loved playing and making music ever since I can remember. I decided to open my own home studio, but didn’t know much at the time. So I found myself at my local music store asking them how to get started. I bought […]

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Anthony Zuniga - Recording Connection Graduate Success Story

Before coming across the Recording Connection, I was currently attending a private college for something I was okay at and interested in. While in college I got a part-time job, and at the job I met some people that were into music and where going to school for it. I found myself around them (co-workers) […]

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Work with your mentor in real studio sessions

"As we brought in more clients to the recording studio I matured in the sense that I felt more prepared for the next duty or session. You know, it's just as long as sessions kept coming I was able to add what I learned the previous session and it was almost as though I could […]

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Kyle Thurman works with Grammy Award Winning Artist, Norman Brown

Many people work their entire lives hoping for a chance to worm a real recording session, to know their work is going to help an artist share his or her voice with the public. When the opportunity comes knocking, we are confident our students can step up and produce great works. Kyle Thurman is one […]

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Neil Schultz - Recording Connection Graduate

Ever since I first picked up a guitar in Junior High I have always been musically inclined.  I can remember making my very first recording way back then in garage on a 2-way boom box with just me and my band.  This was, looking back, the very beginnings of my experiences with music.  As I […]

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Andrew Kirk: Recording Connection Honors Graduate

By the time Andrew Kirk came across the Recording Connection and enrolled as a student, he had already had nearly a decade of experience in recording—but he knew he needed more. “It's a tough industry to break into,” he says. Seeing how I never had any formal education, I had done a lot of freelance […]

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Juma Spears - Recording Connection Graduate

We would like to congratulate Juma Spears for not only completing the program but for continuing to share his gift with his community. With his work ethic, the connections he’s made, skills he learned and the assistance of our Stay Connected program we are confident he’ll continue to find success. "During the end of my […]

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Ben Eklund

We here would like to congratulate Ben Eklund of Philadelphia for securing his own job just after completing his program. He used his time with his mentor to not only gain his trust but that of his colleagues and made his hiring an easy choice. While we can never guarantee any graduate a paid position […]

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Peter Rodriguez - Recording Connection Graduate

No matter what the job market presents we, and our mentors, are sure to teach our graduates how to be patient yet tenacious when looking for work. If nothing presents itself right away it’s not uncommon for our mentors to take on graduates in their own studio until he or she secures a position of […]

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Anthony Opher - Recording Connection Student

While many join our program to work in studios we provide many have already found success in other fields and are looking to improve upon the skills they need and other endeavors. We are proud to say our program can open the most doors for our graduates and are happy to share their varying experiences. […]

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Brian Piper: Recording Connection Success Story

Brian Piper first came to the Recording Connection looking for more hands-on experience than he was getting at the university where he had enrolled in an audio production program. “I did learn a lot,” he says, “but it wasn't real world. It wasn't real life.” When he looked at the Recording Connection website and realized […]

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Shoneen Stenftenagel Shares Her Experiences with Recording Connection

The Recording Connection truly believes our students have an opportunity to achieve something special while attending our program. Whether a member can take full advantage of this opportunity lies in his or her hands. To help illustrate this, we asked Shoneen Steftenagel of Saint Anthony, IN to share some of her experiences after having completed […]

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Quotes from Our Students

November 7, 2015 Student Quotes

Already made me a better musician, as well as an engineer.

“I just completed the Chapter 13 quiz on Equalization, and am still working on the mix(es). I’m focusing on the rock track provided for the assignment and it’s going nicely so far; I’m looking forward to trying out the other songs as well just for practice’s sake.

At the studio today, we recorded a new demo by Roy Hale and did some further work on a song that we’d previously worked on with him. Randy added bass and keys, and will probably add some more instrumentation in as well next time. I really enjoy getting the opportunity to ask questions on musical aspects outside of recording; seeing different chord inversions and theory applied, and being able to get clarification when I need it, has already made me a better musician, as well as an engineer. “

November Update

We are currently in Chapter 6 working through mircophone placement. It has been great all of the hands on time I have been able to get being in the studio with John. Last week we set up and miked the drum kit. I was able to play and record samples of drums and listen to the difference of the sound when the microphones were placed or moved around. I was able to see what sound we wanted to capture and what the final placement for that sound was. I look forward to setting up the guitar cabinet and piano microphone placements!

Already found out something I didn’t know!

It’s a very good thing my mentor is a drummer like myself. My drum sound is going to be great! Our first lesson we mic’d up a kit (very simple; kick, 2 overheads, and top/bottom snare mics) and my mentor showed me what the deal is with overheads and why people have phase issues. Why I have phase issues.

I’ve always been told to put overhead mics parallel and equal distances from each other, which is still good, but if your not careful the mic’s will cancel each other out. Chapter 1 said the same thing with waves that are flipped 180 degrees cancel the other out. I’ve spent a lot of time in reaper and logic trying to figure out why my overheads sound bad or are quiet when they should be loud.

I took this home and oh my god what a difference. Same goes with the bottom snare mic (which I’ve been stupidly underestimating). Especially with the particular snare I’m using (a GMS brass/maple hybrid) it was very, very beneficial to use the top mic to gain all my warmth and body, the natural overtones of the drum/head and to use the bottom to get the brightness and actual “snare” sound of my wires against the resonant head.

Can’t wait to learn more!

November 2015

I cant wait to see where this takes me in my future.

“Week 1 went pretty good, I was nervous at first but once I got comfortable and relaxed Rick made everything seem so easy and thourough. Rick taught me have to track out mics to the channels on the mixing board, and send them to Pro Tools on the computer. I also learned to que in the headphones and seperate the mix in the studio from the headphones out in the booth. The beginning chapter in this program was really interesting. Learning about the human ear and how sound waves react was very nice. I already feel smarter and more comfortable with my own projects after just one week in the program. I cant wait to see where this takes me in my future.”

Here we go folks!

“This past week has been a very exciting and interesting week for sure. It was so thrilling to be back in the studio on Monday… it was very refreshing to be able to be where I was comfortable and have had so many fun times, and continue to have fun times there too of course. Working with [my mentor] has always been a blast and it continues to be one. I will be recording a family friend and his band this coming Monday and I have super stoked for sure. I’ve been told I will basically be heading up the entire project and [my mentor] will be watching me to make sure I’m doing things right, (and probably correcting me if something’s not right haha.) and that is absolutely thrilling to do a recording project all by myself in the live working studio. I have recently been contacted about being mentioned in an upcoming newsletter with The Recording Connection (which has over 80,000 subscribers–Yes you read that, eight and then four zeros!) and I feel very honored to receive an article being rewritten about me and that is extremely exciting.”

My mentor is great about letting me help out

“This week I got to learn how to edit a session by taking out all the clicks, pops, and other unwanted noises. It was pretty cool for me to learn that. Another thing this week was we recorded a full band. I found that to be interesting and also very educational for me to be in that enviroment. My mentor is great about letting me help out and getting to experience the day to day feel of being an engineer. Thanks Anthony!”

I just finished taking my midterm; aced it, woohoo!

“So far I’ve really enjoyed the whole course, from the way the lessons are laid out, to the multimedia aspects of the textbook and the comments that other students have added. I’m really excited about opening up the job placement aspect of the program so I can make some further decisions as to how best to move forward.

The most recent studio session was finishing up mixes on two songs for a previous client; the tracks consisted of two vocalists and an assortment of MIDI instruments (drums, piano, bass, strings, and an accordion). It was a good exercise in using plugins to soften some of the harsher aspects of MIDI instruments and get a more realistic sound. Now I’m looking forward to finishing up the other big mix of real instrumentation we’ve been working on!”

October 10, 2015 Student Quotes

Never be afraid to fail at something new

“This chapter over mic placement was very good food for thought. Even though they recommand certain mics for recording certain instruments and vocals I think it is wise to keep those as “safe points” and not be afraid to venture past that, each ear is different and each mic can perform better at different dbs. Never be afraid to fail at something new, it only means you are trying what others won’t attempt.”

The suspense is killing me!

“My second lesson in the studio was amazing! I got to sit first hand and watch my mentor Patrick record bass and drums in the studio for this group that he is currently working with. It was stunning to see how the process worked. The beginning was rather tedious but as it continued I became more and more intruged with the process. I can’t wait to return and begin working on my own material.”

I’m Networking!

“So yesterday I was observing a tracking session and when it was done I had a conversation with one of the other students that was there and he told me he makes beats. I make beats as well and we got each other’s phone numbers in case wanted to do collaborations and stuff. When I left the studio I bumped into the Bass player from the tracking session on the elevator. We spoke as I walked to the train and apparently he used to be a recording connection student as well who found a job a recording firm. Things are really starting to look up.”

He’s a great teacher and cant wait to get to the next session!

“My second session with Donny was cool he familiarized my surroundings in the studio. We went over the difference of digital circuits and analog circuits. along with that we sat in front of the mixer and went over alternating and direct current. He introduced me to the sound compressor and showed me what it dose combined with pro tools. Donny has a way of making everything condensed and easy to understand.”

Overall a very good week!

“This week in the studio we had the drummer from Stage Kids come in to record for a track that Pat and the owner of the studio T.J. are currently working on. We also recorded drums for a track that another one of Pat’s students is working on. A very busy and productive week. In the readings we covered automation. It covered everything from the history of automation to the basics of how to automate in daw’s, pro tools specifically.”

October 2015

I finally wrapped up my progressive assignment this week.

“I spent some extra time to finish adding effects and double check the previous sections of the track such as compression, EQ, and levels. My mentor and I then bounced out an mp3 of the track to play in the car to do a comparison and some fine adjustments in regards to where everything sat in the mix on car speaks versus studio monitors. I have now started working on the next assignment involving MIDI. “

I am learning so much and I am having so much fun and experience doing it.

“This week has been even better than the last one. This week was about microphones. The history of them, the different types, and different brands and models. In the studio, my mentor showed me all off the different types of mics and I got to hear what they all sounded like. I learned the different types of mics and what they looked like and even some of the technical specs of them. It has been a very good week. I am learning so much and I am having so much fun and experience doing it. Thank you so much.”

October 2015

Things have started to get very interesting and more fun

“Things have started to get very interesting and more fun once you get to know and learn how a studio actually works. This week has been very helpfull to me due to the fact that I have learned so much in the set up process that goes on during the set up for recording. This following week we are expecting TV on the Radio to come and do some recording. I am looking foward to see as it all happens and see how this band is diffent from the rest in regards of personality and spirit. I always seem to find this very important because if you make a musician fell more confortable their recording experience will be a thousand times better.”

This week’s lesson was the best yet

“This week’s lesson was the best yet, mostly because we got to talk a lot about Gear, which is probably my favorite subject. Specifically we talked microphones. Before that however we finished up the lesson from the week before on patch bays. Zack fired up some outboard gear and we patched some pink noise from Protools through a couple compressors, an eq, and a reverb. This helped immensely in understanding how patch bays work in practice as I actually got to shove cables into things.

After that we went into the live room and opened up the microphone locker. We went over different kind of dynamic, condenser, and ribbon mics, Zack giving the history and basic design of each. Beyond hearing about how each works and their general pros and cons, I loved hearing about different models, what they might be used for, and their frequency responses. Beyond the beautiful Royer ribbon microphones, the ones that really jumped out at me were the Sennheiser MD 421, Shure SM7, and the AKG D112. Mostly because they’re microphones I could probably one day afford and they have a number of usable studio applications. I’m excited for next week’s lesson in microphone placement.”

September 12, 2015 Student Quotes

I have learned so much already and I cannot wait to learn even more.

“I can’t believe how far I have come in such a short amount of time and with very little recording experience! I have learned so much already and I cannot wait to learn even more. More importantly, I want to challenge myself to do more and work on music projects to get ready for recording some things on my own and with other people. I have some potential prospects on the line and I know somebody who wants me to work with them as he is starting his own music recording company which I am very honored and was not expecting. For the next couple months, I want to get ready for this opportunity on the horizon!”

I’m thoroughly enjoying this experience as well as the course material

“It has been a while since my last blog entry as I wanted to sum up the past few sessions in one entry. My last 4-5 sessions with my mentor Dick Orr have been very interesting and for lack of a better word Awesome. Combined with the material in chapter 10 I’ve also been working on my music project, laying down some multiple guitar parts and preparation to lay down some vocal tracks next week. I would say the the past 2 weeks were also dedicated to reviewing the material for the midterm as well as showing my mentor the sinewave project and discussing various situations I may run into with future projects. I was also fortunate to be able to sit in on a voice over session my mentor was working on with a regular client. Being able to hear a professional voice actor was such a cool experience especially how the client directs the talent. The key lesson I learned from that particular session was that patience will be key when working with clients. It was very cool to watch the voice over talent adjust his approach to the changes made to the script at that very moment. It was great to see my mentor at work giving helpful advice and just keeping things running smoothly. It was definitely one of my favorite studio sessions. I’ve also started learning to play the piano to enhance my own musical ability which will definitely come in handy when working with musicians, in that I will have a better understanding of what they are working towards and if a problem arises I will be able to troubleshoot more effectively. So needless to say these past few sessions with my mentor have been eye opening and very exciting. I’m thoroughly enjoying this experience as well as the course material, it’s just getting more and more interesting and I’m pumped for the upcoming mix theory chapter.”

September 2015

Mixing continues!

“I’ve been learning so much from recording connection that my mixes have improved tremendously! I’m even working on an album with one of my friends and have a couple of tracks that he sent me so I can practice and have fun! Devon has really helped me out a lot and has been making sure that my mixes stay on point. I’m so grateful that I’m just not another producer another but that I am also becoming an audio engineer. Which means that whatever I produce, I can take it to a whole other level with mixing. Since being a producer and audio engineer are 2 different worlds. But still, super excited on being part of the album and working with people in the industry!”

Beginning of school!

“So this week I enjoyed my first two days of college inside Virlouise Studios with my mentor Bill Davidow. I went on Monday Sept. 7th and Wednesday Sept. 9th from 10AM to 5:30 pm. The first 3 hours we went over the curriculum and reviewed what I needed to know about hearing and waves. It was extremely intriguing and I understood it fairly well. After the curriculum was done one of Bill’s Client’s Rendell Young came over to work on re-editing one of his songs. Communication was a key role here because Rendell had an idea in his head of what he wanted the sing to sound like and he had to explain to Bill what he wanted to do. Rendell decided to approach this project by recording note for note and beat for beat the entire song which made things simpler yet complicated. Something I noticed about him was his perfectionist attitude. He tuned before he played every note and made sure that the note wasn’t buzzy in any way and was a pure as possible to keep it in the mix. While shadowing them I observed them working with Pro Tools 10 HD, a Fender J-Bass guitar, an Avalon VT 737SP, Adams S3A monitors and a mac pro computer. It was amazing to see just how professional they worked and how everything needed to be perfect. The next day I was able to experience the type of people to avoid working with. A client came in to pick up his master CD of a live performance that was mixed and edited by Bill but the client had told him something different than what he wanted in the past. He then told Bill “You’re just the engineer and I’m the producer” even though this client never produced a record whereas Bill does this for a living. This experience gave me some insight on the good and bad side of audio engineering and how to best deal with people in this situation. It was definitely a learning experience. I look forward to what the next week has in store for my education and experience!”

September 2015

Fluidity and Flexibility

“My midterm test for this course is coming up very soon, and I’m making sure not to underestimate or overlook any past material! Fortunately, the writing style of this e-book flows well, and it’s easy to stay on track. Between my latest chapter reviews, I researched the subjects that I really sought to go in-depth with, and the searches were more focused because of my Recording Connection studies. In contrast, my mentor was just telling me about how surprised he was after encountering a few students, from other schools, who had never gained a full understanding of the fundamentals of studio equipment or practices. This week he has left me with another valuable piece of advice: “Take care to build that solid foundation of knowledge, so that the pertinent information is concrete, and always at the ready.”

Lesson and Q&A w/Joe

“This week’s lesson was about Plugins & Processing. Very informative course which will be very useful in learning Pro Tools. He explained to me the way set up Inserts and Aux inputs and apply them to the Sends. He also gave me 5 key steps in doing so. I will be doing mad practice on this program until i get it down to a T. After the lesson, I got a chance to sit in on a recording session with Rec. Connection graduate Fabian.”

Being in this school is helping me become better at what I do.

“Showing me the insides of the industry which truly benefits for business. I have learned but so much so far and is really excited move up and forward with music. I’ve bin learning the basic and knowing way more about social media then before. This gives me a chance at success in life to achieve greatness with help only if i take an opportunity of what’s given. Everything is so ironic because stuff is really starting to make sense and fall right in to place. The transfer of music is made possible through so many different parts of equipment and vibrations. Great to finally understand!”

This chapter will be really helpful for future studio work

“This week was really cool because I learned a lot about functions that I already use in Bruce’s studio! Assisting in sessions is such a huge help when it comes to understanding Pro Tools. This chapter will be really helpful for future studio work throughout this program.”

September 2015

It has been an interesting month.

“Finally have my first session with my mentor on Thursday. I’m really excited about that. I finished chapter 1 and I will say it was really educational for me. It has helped me with my production as far as sound and frequency. I am listening to my tracks differently now and learning to play with the levels of bass and kick.”

September 2015
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