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These Recording Connection graduates are now working in the audio recording and music producing business because of the education they received and the connections they made through our school. Some are now Chief Engineers, others are recording studio owners, and still others are producing.

Recording Connection gets you in the door of a real studio where the action happens. We open the door, we make the connection, and we train you. If you are hard-working and motivated, this could be you one day soon. "The proof is in the pudding," as the saying goes; these stories are proof that you, too, can live your dream. Please read on:

February 28, 2015 Success Stories

The lesson on equalization was awesome!

“Getting into EQ can be tricky and at first seemed a little difficult but once you go through the lesson and it breaks down how the equalizer works by sending an analogues signal through a series of capacitors, inductors, and resistors. Then the lesson went into the parametric of the EQ, like bandwidth, boost and cut, high and low pass filters, etc. After that it comes down to learning the different filters and what they do and are used for. Overall the lesson was full and fun.”


I feel one step closer with every chapter I read and learn…

“Chapter 2 was a very interesting chapter. I vaguely remember learning about all of this from grade school and I’m glad it came back around. Knowing the basics of electricity and electronics is important in this field and I think that it is great that this lesson made sure that we covered that early on in this curriculum. I feel one step closer with every chapter I read and learn…”


These were a long two days but were so much fun! These were a long two days but were so much fun!

“I set up the drum set, mic, and amps and watched the engineer set up all the mics. I’ve never actually seen how to mic up a drum set and always heard that people don’t always do it right, but the engineer explained why he set them up the way he did. He explained that the sound from the drums comes from the body of the drum and that’s where you want the mic, not on top. The first day we got the scratch track and tracked drums, bass and guitar. The next day we did leads and vocals. They were long 12 hour days but I feel like I learned a lot in those 2 days.”


This past week was full of exciting things.

“This past week was full of exciting things. I got to get some hands on experience in looking at the inside of a cable to see where the positive and negative current goes through. I also learned what can be done in the case where a cable is lacking to get its signal through. We also mic’d up a drum set to get prepared for a session drum session. That was awesome because I got to see where all the mic’s get set up, where they are plugged in and how they ran through the interface and into Pro Tools. Lastly I learned how the recording industry has evolved so much from using a console to doing everything digitally.”


I look forward to next week! I look forward to next week!

“This week my mentor walked me through the process of EQ and showed me the use of cutting out or boosting certain frequencies piece by piece in the mix without massively affecting the balance of the mix as a whole. It was insightful to watch second engineer apply EQ, delay, reverb and compression after guitar tracking to achieve the artist’s specifically desired tone. Most of the parts were recorded quickly with 2 or 3 perfect takes. I look forward to next week!”


I loved reading this chapter and going over it with my mentor I loved reading this chapter and going over it with my mentor

“When listening to a song or playing an instrument, I never thought about how it is set up to be recorded before actually listening to it. I loved reading this chapter and going over it with my mentor because it was very intrusting to me how many microphones are needed to make a simple recording. I assumed there were a few needed to record, for example, a drum session, but was extremely surprised that there could be up to fourteen mics used while recording drums. Although not all of them need to be used in the song it is ment for it amazes me that there can even be that much space around the drums to have that many. Going into the studio this week I got to breifly see where a few mics go with a drum set, speakers, piano, and guitar. I hope to soon be able to set up a session myself and memorize each placement of a microphone and the best mic used for the instrument. “


Sampling and connectors!

“Watching how the sampling process works is amazing and makes huge differences. I’ve recently had the chance to work with an artist named Jerry Hart and sampling vocal harmonies in one of his songs was a blast! I also learned more about analog and digital cables and how some of them work!”


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“I am halfway done with my course! It has been an amazing learning experience so far! I have met many fellow engineers at the studio. It really has been a fun time for me at the studio. Just a few more weeks until I complete my program!”


Chapter 6 was pretty was pretty cool

“Chapter 6 was pretty was pretty cool in the way that all the knowledge I’ve acquired about microphones is starting to come together with placement. When I came into the studio my mentor had all the different styles of placement setup for me to identify. We also discussed how different mics work well together depending on the placement form.”


February 21, 2015 Success Stories

Thanks again Recording Connection

“I could tell all my hard work in the mixing phase had really paid off because the clarity was unmistaken. The Mid and High frequencies literally jump out the monitors. Thanks again Recording Connection and Atmosphere Recording for helping me achieve my goals of becoming an Audio Engineer.”


I am enjoying my time in the studio and intrigued by what I have been shown. I am enjoying my time in the studio and intrigued by what I have been shown.

“It’s the end of my first week in the Recording Connection program and so far I am enjoying my time in the studio and intrigued by what I have been shown. I have spent most of my time doing studio sit in’s with my mentor John, the first session on Wednesday he worked with a client putting vocals on a Hip-Hop track. The second session on Friday was the same process but more R&B I feel.”


I’ve been working on the remix for my mentor. I’ve been working on the remix for my mentor.

“This week I got to work on my own music a lot, I’ve been working on the remix for Jessie. This week I also got to help determine the best songs on an album that the studio is producing so they can have an idea of things that need to change to make it better!”


Everything is going really well.

“Things are starting to become a little easier for me. I understand things a lot better now that all the info I’m getting is coming together at the studio. Tony showed me a little more about sound waves and to avoid phasing. Everything is going really well.”


I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the Recording Connection I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the Recording Connection

“I can’t believe how much I’ve already learned just in the first two chapters. When I first started, all this seemed like gibberish to me. But once I started getting’ into it, it became much clearer. Audio is very complex; I never really knew. But it’s also very interesting. I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the Recording Connection & I can’t wait to see where it takes me. Talk to ya’ll next week!”


He seems to really care about the quality of the information he’s teaching.

“I’ve just completed my first couple of sessions with my mentor Dick Orr at John Wagner Studios here in Albuquerque, NM. I have to say, based on these two sessions alone, I’m even more excited about this experience than I already was. From my initial meeting with Dick I realized he was the right mentor for me. His wealth of knowledge and experience in the audio and film industry was apparent from the get go. His method of teaching has already provided me with in-depth explanations based on his own personal experiences and how the material from chapter one relates to not only the work done in the studio but in our everyday lives. He seems to really care about the quality of the information he’s teaching and just generally seems to be a genuinely good person. He is allowing me to learn at my own pace while encouraging me to ask any and all questions no matter how insignificant I might think they are.”


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