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Job Opportunities & Student Success Stories Job Opportunities & Student Success Stories May 23, 2014 By Britney Tobin & Jeff McQ

East West Studios
"The Eddie Kramer Experience" coming June 21-22!
The Recording Connection is ecstatic to announce a new partnership with our friends at Studio Prodigy Master Class Series in Los Angeles, CA! Studio Prodigy brings in some of the biggest names in the recording industry for special workshops in intimate settings at some of LA’s most renowned recording studios.


As part of this exciting new partnership, the Recording Connection is a proud sponsor for the upcoming session "The Eddie Kramer Experience," which will take place at East/West Studio One on June 21-22. Producer/engineer Eddie Kramer has worked with some of the biggest names in rock & roll over the past five decades, including The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Joe Cocker, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, KISS and many others. This two-day master class will cover advanced recording and mixing techniques with practical application as Eddie actually records a band in the studio!


The Eddie Kramer Experience" is a limited availability session for advanced audio students.
Click here to sign up, get more info, and a discount!
Latest Jobs & Opportunities

For RRF Students & Graduates

This week we are offering these jobs to our students:
  • Promoters, VIP Hosts & more needed for Radio Festival – Long Beach, CA
  • Videographer needed for Motivational Videos – Colorado Springs, CO
  • Film Editor needed for Short Film – Eureka, CA
  • Radio Host Apprenticeships Available – Whittier, CA
  • Producers/Engineers needed for Prolific Hip-Hop Studio – Atlanta, GA
  • Assistant for Music Supervisor/Composer at Major Cable Channel – Los Angeles, CA
  • Summer Positions available at known Music/Talent Company – Los Angeles, CA
  • Positions available at well-known Recording Studio – Atlanta, GA
  • Production Assistants needed ASAP – Los Angeles, CA
  • Audio Engineer needed for Recording Studio – Philadelphia, PA
  • Marketing Apprentice for Film Distribution House – Los Angeles, CA
  • Sound Crew needed for National Historical Archive Project - Anywhere

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Latest Jobs & Opportunities
Student Successes
Recording apprentice Eric Gordon beats the odds!

Mixer Eric Gordon, Recording Connection apprentice in Albuquerque NM, is currently taking big strides in his music career. Eric had been involved with music for much of his life until an accident left him visually impaired. He struggled with hopelessness for quite some time before beginning to fight his way back. In the throes of a particularly rough patch, he decided to pick up his guitar once again and enrolled in the Recording Connection last fall as an apprentice under recording engineer Dick Orr at John Wagner Studios in Albuquerque.


Now only halfway through the program, Eric is turning his life around on multiple levels. He has begun singing again, as well as giving guitar lessons for extra income. He has also gotten involved with the philanthropy sector, receiving opportunities to speak as the President of the Student Division for the National Federation for the Blind. His future plans include starting his own radio station to speak out for his cause. Eric’s is a true student success story because of his determination to beat the odds. In his own words: "Someone told me I can do it and then I realized… I CAN!"
Student Successes
Recording student Dilan Rajan makes the trek to L.A.!
Mixer Even before finishing his Recording Connection apprenticeship, Dilan Rajan began to find success, getting hired on as an in-house engineer at Barron Studios in Houston, Texas while still a student. Now, Dilan is trying his hand in the Los Angeles market. Says Dilan: "I even ended up opening my own studio Free World [in Houston], where I found my own clients, but I felt like it was too slow. So I moved out here because I wanted to give this a try and give LA my all." Best of luck, Dilan!


★  Alexander Nickolas is a Hollywood extra!  ★
Film Set New Film Connection apprentice Alexander Nickolas is an aspiring director and cinematographer from Vancouver, Washington, but he’s already getting his feet wet in the Hollywood scene as an extra for the upcoming TNT show “The Librarians!” He’s slated to continue his apprenticeship at Media FX in Portland, Oregon soon after. "I can’t wait to begin working with my mentor Lisa Sherman right after I finish," he says.   Congrats, Alexander!

Film Set
Gordon Maniskas is taking LA over, one big step at a time
Gordon Maniskas Film Connection apprentice Gordon Maniskas recently made the jump from Massachusetts to Los Angeles to work on breaking into the film industry! Within his first two weeks of moving to LA, Gordon scored a job, got a car, found an apartment and even attended some networking events. On average, Gordon is doing coverage on three or so scripts per week. “It’s a great opportunity to see others’ work in terms of genre – what’s hot, what’s not?” he says. Gordon also got to see the screening of Spiderman 2 with his new Film Connection mentor and friend, director Peter Foldy. Gordon has this to say about his experience with the Film Connection:


"Now that I am out here, through Film Connection I have been introduced to three producers, two screenwriters, and two directors, with an opportunity to pitch my script to all of them. Keep in mind, that this is not the ordinary experience. If you are a student that floats along the surface hoping for things to fall into your lap, you are going to get the traditional pitch experience. If you are someone that is determined to forge a destiny in the industry, your energy will feed into the Film Connection, and they will bend over backwards to make your success as possible as they can. I am still in the preliminary stages out here…but Film Connection has opened doors to me that would definitely not have been there on my own…


"The Film Connection is an amazing thing. It is not a magic wand, it is not a genie, it is not a fairy godmother. It is a vehicle that will present new opportunities to you. And, if you have the ambition and drive, hopefully you can turn those opportunities into a career. But it is up to you."


While Gordon admits that it may take him some time getting used to LA, he knows for certain that he will continue to write, direct and even act in his own films. Best of luck, Gordon!

The Celebrities, the Geniuses and the Legends just Keep on Coming!!!

Contest! Contest!
Guess for a chance to win!!!

The Recording, Radio and Film Connection is pleased to announce they we have recently received the full support of yet another genius. In the past 5 weeks we have announced our partnerships with legends Hans Zimmer and Oliver Stone. Congratulations to those readers that guessed right and won Pro Tools or Abelton.
Mixer This week’s Mystery Supporter for you to guess: _______________ is a world renowned audio engineer and music producer who lives in Los Angeles and has worked on 3 very different records: one for Lady Gaga, one with the legendary Johnny Cash and one for The Red Hot Chili Peppers. And on one of these he won a Grammy.


He is one of the most sought after engineers and producers in the business and he is a full supporter of the Recording Connection and the way we teach - one on one inside real recording studios.
We reveal who our new best friend is in June. If you’d like to guess, please sign up here. Guess right, and you could win a brand new Abelton Live or Pro Tools software package in the box! Entry must be received by 6/6/2014 - Good luck!
Contest rules: Must be 18 to enter. Void where prohibited. One entry per person. Winner will be chosen in drawing from all correct entries. The complete list of rules for this contest is available on the contest sign up page.
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Recording Connection welcomes NEW MENTOR
Chris Bell from Blade Studios!
Blade Studios At the Recording Connection, we’re always pleased and proud when top-shelf industry pros agree to teach our students. This month, we’re happy to introduce one of our newest mentors, Chris Bell, chief engineer, producer and mixer for Blade Studios in Shreveport, Louisiana! Chris is a Grammy-nominated industry pro with a stellar client list, having worked with U2, Destiny’s Child, Earth, Wind & Fire and many others. Here’s an excerpt from the bio on his website:


Chris Bell has developed his talents through years of experience in the recording industry, bringing musicians the masterful chemistry necessary to attract an enduring audience. Chris was nominated for a Grammy award in 1998 and has worked on several Grammy-winning projects.


He honed his skills on tape machines and analog mixing desks working on recordings like Erykah Badu’s “Mammas Gun”. His resume also includes studio time with U2, Everclear, Destiny’s Child, Fuel, The Polyphonic Spree, and Earth, Wind, and Fire, along with remixes for Peter Gabriel and Death in Vegas…Elected to the Board of Governors of the Recording Academy, Chris has served in many roles at the Academy including Governor, 1st Vice President, President, and Trustee. A skilled and experienced mixing engineer, recording engineer and producer, Bell infuses his projects with a foundation for success.


Learn more about Chris Bell and Blade Studios at www.bladestudios.com. Welcome, Chris!
Film Set
Bill Davidow ain’t no rookie, this music producing vet is one tough cookie!
Bill Davidow Here’s what Recording Connection mentor Bill Davidow had to say about being a studio owner:


"When I first opened Virlouise there were only five studios in the San Diego area, it wasn't a problem though, because they weren't really much competition to me. There are now sixty recording studios in the San Diego area and our studio is still one of the top recording facilities."
Whether your musical interests are in rock, country, hip-hop, beat making, electronic music production or live audio engineering, The Recording Connection can tailor your apprenticeship to help you achieve your goals!
The Recording Connection partners with mentors all over the world who specialize in every genre imaginable. Just tell us your genre of choice, and we will pair you with the right mentor for you!
Latest Jobs & Opportunities
Student Successes
Here's what a few RRF apprentices are working on:
Brian Mulvany Recording Connection apprentice Brian Mulvaney (Vancouver, BC) recently landed his first paid mixing gig! He’ll be mixing and mastering a FULL album for local band OBADecades. "I can't thank you enough for this milestone. You're awesome," he says. Congratulations, Brian!

Student Successes

Quote of the Week:

Willie Nelson "Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results."
- Willie Nelson
(Quote shared by Film Connection student Mike Dusenka. Bayou Bennett, film mentor at Dolce Films, Los Angeles, passed it on to us with the comment: "Thanks for sharing, Mike Dusenka! You are one of the most positive people I know!")


Here's what a few RRF apprentices are talking about:

The Recording, Radio and Film Connection partners with mentors all over the world who specialize in teaching you how these industries really work. 

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