May 16, 2014
RRF Partners with Studio Prodigy Master Class Series
Eddie Kramer

The Recording Connection is ecstatic to announce a new partnership with our friends at Studio Prodigy Master Class Series in Los Angeles, CA! Studio Prodigy brings in some of the biggest names in the recording industry for special workshops in intimate settings at some of LA’s most renowned recording studios.

As part of this exciting new partnership, the Recording Connection is a proud sponsor for the upcoming session “The Eddie Kramer Experience,” which will take place at East/West Studio One on June 21-22. Producer/engineer Eddie Kramer has worked with some of the biggest names in rock & roll over the past five decades, including The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Joe Cocker, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, KISS and many others. This two-day master class will cover advanced recording and mixing techniques with practical application as Eddie actually records a band in the studio!

“The Eddie Kramer Experience” is a limited availability session for advanced audio students.
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Success Stories

Madi Erion

Near the end of April, Madi Erion, a Film Connection apprentice at MediaFX in Portland, OR, was given the opportunity to visit Los Angeles for the first time! Madi, an aspiring set designer who recently completed her apprenticeship, had the opportunity to spend the day with Jeff Kushon, set designer for the TV show Dexter, and together they visited prop houses around the LA area and went on the WB backlot. Madi also had the chance to spend time on sets talking with the director, production designers, tagging props, and learning her way around. Here’s what Madi had to say:

“So here we are at the end of the week and the last night in LA. It has been great! Very eye opening and I’m sad to leave. I want to thank you and everyone at the Film Connection for this AMAZING opportunity. I will be in touch with you as my script/story further develops… Hopefully I will be back in LA soon... And to stay! Since taking this trip I really feel like I belong in the art department, like its where I’m supposed to go. And with this trip it’s becoming more realistic the possibility of me actually achieving becoming a production designer or art director. Thank you again.” – Madi Erion

Learn here with Recording Connection - Da Spot Studio, Richmond, VA

While apprenticing at Da Spot Studio in Richmond, VA, Recording Connection apprentice Joshua Tehan got plenty of handson experience in the studio, including assisting in producing a track for a local band, and even sitting in on some of the sessions as a player! Since graduating from the program, Josh has relocated to Bismarck, North Dakota to continue working on his music career, where he has scored an internship with hot new underground indie studio Club Records!

Josh plays a variety of instruments including piano, guitar, ukulele, and bass guitar. He sees himself as a puzzle builder who can work collaboratively with others in a team environment. He says of his apprenticeship:

“The studio itself was a very creative environment, good sound, great equipment easy to manage. [The mentors] really want to make sure the students know everything they were taught for their success in the business.”

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This week's Mystery Supporter

This week’s Mystery Supporter for you to guess:                           is a world renowned audio engineer and music producer who lives in Los Angeles and has worked on 3 very different records: one for Lady Gaga, one with the legendary Johnny Cash and one for The Red Hot Chili Peppers. And on one of these he won a Grammy.

He is one of the most sought after engineers and producers in the business and he is a full supporter of the Recording Connection and the way we teach - one on one inside real recording studios.

We reveal who our new best friend is in June. If you’d like to guess, please sign up here. Guess right, and you could win a brand new Abelton Live or Pro Tools software package in the box! Entry must be received by 6/6/2014 - Good luck!

Contest rules: Must be 18 to enter. Void where prohibited. One entry per person. Winner will be chosen in drawing from all correct entries. The complete list of rules for this contest is available on the contest sign up page.

Mentor News

Learn here with Recording Connection!

Recording Connection mentor Steve Kennedy of Chung King Studios in NYC has been quite busy lately. On May 1, R&B legend Mariah Carey showed up at the studio to record a track with her personal engineer and the Chung King staff! While there, Mariah also did a photo shoot with famous photographer Terry Richardson. Steve Kennedy has also been working recently with pop artist Erica Kane, who’s doing a track with Bryan McKnight.

Recording Connection mentor Tony Hugar works with major film/TV productions!

Learn here with Recording Connection

Tony Hugar, Recording Connection mentor at Audio Resource in Honolulu, Hawaii, has kept busy doing audio work for several major productions. He most recently put together the trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (starring Andrew Garfield), and also did ADR-related work with Bradley Cooper for the film American Hustle. In recent months, Tony has also worked with Chris Pratt (for TV series Parks and Recreation) and an undisclosed film with Disney they can’t talk about quite yet!

Learn here with Recording Connection - Ocean Way Recording, Hollywood, CA

The Recording Connection is delighted to welcome a new mentor to our family: producer/engineer Matt Linesch from world-renowned Ocean Way Recording! Ocean Way is one of the largest and most awarded studio complexes in the world, hosting some of the biggest names in music in four different locations, with recording projects selling in excess of one billion units worldwide!

Matt works out of Ocean Way’s Hollywood location. Here’s an excerpt from his bio:

Matt Linesch

Matt Linesch was born in Los Angeles and immersed in a life of music from a very young age. His deep love and dedication for creating music includes his passions as an independent musician, and his passions as a producer/engineer. Matt’s fulfillment comes from working with artists, developing their music, and sharing it with others.

Matt’s pursuit of knowledge as a producer and engineer has surpassed his own expectations; consequently, Matt’s goal is to use his skills from these relationships and experiences, and work with artists who share in his dedicated passion for creating music and building a professional career. Matt is always searching for opportunities and is excited to work alongside others where his expertise is needed.

As Matt’s career continues to blossom, his talents as a musician play a big role in his professional life. While Matt is a devoted producer and engineer, he is also devoted in his pursuit as a musician. Matt writes and arranges songs of his own, in addition to songs of his clients, which reveals that everything is connected in his craft as a “music maker.”

Whether Matt is engineering a session, producing a band and developing their songs, using his knowledge to help artists further their career in the industry, or writing and playing a song of his own, Matt’s ultimate goal is to continue to build a life around music and share this music with the world around him.

Console in Studio C of Ocean Way Recording

Check out the links below to learn more about Matt Linesch:

Apprentices at Work!

NBC Sports Radio

Alan Soriano, Radio Connection apprentice at NBC Sports Radio, Los Angeles, is a true go-getter! He’s been HIGHLY recommended by his mentor Jim Daniels to start working at a real radio station NOW, even before he’s completed the program! “Alan is an amazing talent, so much so I have trouble staying out in front of him,” says Jim. “When I give him an assignment, he finishes it in record time and then looks ahead and asks questions about where we are going next. He has all the skills like a good voice, a creative mind, he writes great copy and has tremendous drive. He is willing to go where the work is. As you know, on-air work is never easy to find, but Alan has entry level skill right now.” Congrats and great work, Alan! (You can check out Alan’s mixdown in “Apprentice and Mentor Media” below.)

Recording Connection apprentice Hannah Finegold gets hands on tutoring with our in-house audio advisor Mark Einhorn!

Zachariah “SpeedFlask” DeVries is an up-and-coming DJ from the Chicago area and a current Recording Connection apprentice at Miller Street Studios.


Listen to his songs on Soundcloud, Facebook, his website, and iTunes!

Check out the mixdown from Radio Connection apprentice Alan Soriano!

“Thank you guys at Radio Connection for providing a service that has allowed me to pursue my dream.” - Alan Soriano

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Crystal Clear Studio, Philadelphia, PA

“I’m really learning a lot and I just wanted to say that, especially with all of the help you guys give. I’m very pleased with the program so far and can’t wait to see what’s to come. [Mentor] Joey Heier is a great guy.”

- Thomas White, Recording Connection apprentice, Philadelphia, PA

Jarrod Vanzo

“My screenwriting mentor totally saved the day. He gave me one idea that totally captured my imagination. I’ve been working on the idea and plotting it out before I put it in my script… I’m really grateful for my mentor! He really came through for me.”

- Jarrod Vanzo, Film Connection apprentice, Auburn Hills, MI

“My initial experience with the course has been fantastic to so far and is progressing well. I have been to the studio with my mentor multiple times where my mentor and I reviewed various equipment such as control boards, instruments, and microphones. He has substantially helped with each chapter in helping me fully understand every aspect.”

- Matthew Bennett, Recording Connection apprentice, Pacific Palisades, CA

Brian Mulvany

“It’s always a joy being able to hear how a mix done on your own near field monitors and headphones translates through other audio playback systems - especially when it translates well!”

- Brian Mulvany, Recording Connection apprentice, Vancover, BC

“Learning about the different types of microphones has helped me understand the visual aspect of frequency response that I was not fully aware of before. Although I had a general idea of what different microphones looked like and what they might be used for, this expanded my knowledge even more!”

- Mikael Claus, Recording Connection apprentice, Ramsey, NJ

Colton Arnold

“I can definitely can see myself working with live sound. I still intern at the studio every Tuesday so I am keeping in touch with my mentor.”

- Colton Arnold, Recording Connection graduate, Chicago, IL

“This program is great!!!! I have already been paid as an assistant coordinator for two commercials for AT&T and Have been paid as an art PA through a different connection I meet through working on set. I am having the time of my life…The program is truly doing what it is meant to do... give me connections!”

- Timothy Newton, Film Connection apprentice, Los Angeles, CA

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