April 17, 2014
Latest Jobs and Opportunities

This week we are offering these jobs to our students:

  • Premier Cable Broadcast Company Hiring Audio Editor - Denver, CO
  • Wanted: Editor for Feature Indie Film - Los Angeles, CA
  • Full-time Assistant to the Executive Producer - Los Angeles, CA
  • Film Crew for Film Connection Music Video - Philadelphia, CA
  • Audio Engineer, Part Time - Seneca, MO
  • Hit Cable Comedy Hiring Talent Management Positions - New York, NY
  • Network Drama Seeks Assistant to Executive Producer - Los Angeles, CA
  • Literary Assistant, Premiere Production Company - Los Angeles, CA
  • Hip-Hop Audio Engineer - Chicago, IL
  • Engineer Wanted ASAP, Full-time - Wilmington, DE
  • Audio Engineer (Logic Exp. Preferred) - Chicago, IL
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Student Success Stories

Aaron Patrick’s Hollywood pitch is a TOUCHDOWN!

This week at the Film Connection headquarters in Los Angeles, CA, Aaron Patrick Lenyear (Atlanta, GA) pitched his idea to Hollywood! … And Hollywood wanted more.

On Monday the Student Services team met with Aaron Patrick to prepare for his big pitch meeting for his feature film script “Sideline”.

Aaron Patrick and Evan Astrowsky 

Patrick's logline:

Sideline is the story of a high school football player who struggles with his Antisocial Personality Disorder while trying to maintain his performance on the field, as well as a new romantic relationship.

Patrick met with Evan Astrowsky to discuss his film on Tuesday afternoon at Los Angeles Center Studios. Patrick went in well-prepared with a script in hand, just in case. Throughout the one hour pitch, Evan gave Patrick his thoughts and opinions on where he feels the tone of the script is headed, and in which market(s) a drama script like his would be best suited. Patrick compares “Sidelined” to films such as Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, Friday Night Lights, and Rebel Without a Cause. Patrick and Evan both agreed that this script would work well as a darkly themed, low-budget indie drama.

Evan was so responsive to Patrick’s first pitch that he called him back in for a second round to pitch his other ideas. The result? Patrick walked away from the meeting empty handed… Because Mr. Astrowsky decided to keep a copy of the script for further advancement! Way to go Patrick!

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Making sound waves in Hollywood!

This week, JJ Moser from Downey, CA scored an interview at the legendary House of Blues on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood as the front of house manager assistant and engineer! His band Richard Schmieg is also dropping a new single this week titled “Oceanside” from the album Oceanside:

“Imagine Ben Gibbard’s vocals on top of Relient K’s positive energy with Bon Iver’s mellow horns and harmonies. Also comes with a side of hopeful lyrics and sometimes a samba beat or two. Welcome to music of Richard Schmieg.”


Take a listen!

Find them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/richardschmiegmusic
Download the single here: http://richardschmiegmusic.bandcamp.com

Ready to get started? Click here to apply! CONTEST: Can you guess who now supports the Recording Radio & Film Connection?

Over the years we have worked hard to break people into the recording, radio and film businesses and the world is finally listening and calling us to join the mission. Can you guess who we talked with over a two hour lunch recently?

Contest Hint 

Hint: The new RRF supporter is an Academy Award winning director who has made feature length films about five different world leaders spanning from BC to the present day. He is a legendary director with a rebellious streak who is also a published author, combat veteran, and all around great guy!!!!!

We reveal who our new best friend is later this month. If you’d like to guess, please sign up here. Guess right, and you could win a brand new Abelton Live or Pro Tools software package in the box! Entry must be received by 5/4/2014 - Good luck!

Contest rules: Must be 18 to enter. Void where prohibited. One entry per person. Winner will be chosen in drawing from all correct entries. The complete list of rules for this contest is available on the contest sign up page.

Open Enrollment, Apply Now! Mentor News

Q&A with Recording Connection mentor Warren Huart at Spitfire Studio, Los Angeles (Part I)

PREFACE: The hands-on learning module:

“I’ve been in America for about seventeen years now; it’s been a long time. When I came over here, it was very different than how it is now. It was the 90’s and things were very, very different to what I was used to in England. England was a little bit more of a risk-taking, and probably still is musically, it wasn’t a very traditional infrastructure like you have here. We’d go in the studio and do all kinds of crazy stuff, sometimes something amazing would come out, and sometimes it wouldn’t. I remember coming over here and first starting to use ProTools – I bought the Digidesign system with the 8A8. They were these black converters, before HD. I bought them and people would come to my home studio and be like, ‘Oh you got those? No, no, no, you need to have the Apogee.’ Which I actually do have now, I’ve been using it for years. I would ask them, ‘Why?’ and they’d give me some answer like, ‘Oh you know, the Q8578…’ spelling these numbers out at me, and I’d be like, ‘Okay?’"

Warren HUart

"I remember I had only been here about a year, and then I went back to England to visit a friend of mine – a pretty well-known producer by the name of Dave McCracken – and I went back there, and he was making an Ian Brown album (singer-songwriter for the Stone Roses). So he’s making this Ian Brown record, and the guy he had producing and co-writing it was a guy called Steve Fitzmaurice. Steve Fitzmaurice is a very famous mixer who mixed Seal’s Grammy award winning song, Kiss From A Rose. It was massive.

"He was a huge mixer at the time (and still is). So we’re in Olympic studios, which sadly is now gone, and he’s mixing in there and I’m hanging out. I turn around, I look at the rack, and I notice that Steve Fitzmaurice has ALL DigiDesign 8A8’s! He doesn’t have Apogees. I’m kinda shocked, I’m like, WOW, this guy is a Grammy award winning artist and he’s got 8A8 and he’s not using Apogees! What is wrong with the world?! So I tell him, that in America I’ve heard these things are terrible and shouldn’t be used, [they tell me] I should be using Apogees, and blah blah blah, and he’s like, ‘Yeah, that’s the difference between England and America. In America they do it right, in England we just do it so it sounds good.’ That’s a mentality I really got a lot of when I first moved here, and I get that a lot from the students who go to expensive schools. They always know how to do everything, but it doesn’t necessarily sound good."

“It’s tough. I really do prefer the real world experience because that’s the only way you can make it work. You need to LOVE what you do, you need to LOVE music, and you need to be able to ask yourself, ‘How do I get from A to B?’ That you can’t learn from a textbook, or a professor who unfortunately never really worked in the music industry. The guys that work for me now, they know the right way to do things. It’s important to know everything (as much as you can).”

What was the approximate cost of making a demo 20-30 years ago compared to now?

“Demos were pretty basic, maybe drums and a couple of mics on them. When I started studios in England I didn’t want to do demos, I wanted to do real recordings. In the days of tapes it would have cost you over a million dollars to open a recording studio. It’s not like that anymore, thank God.”

Have you ever been star struck?

“Being a musician, I would always be enamored more by great musicians – not necessarily musicians or players in really successful bands.

“I did a charity single near the end of last year for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital with Dick Wagner -- he was the guitar player on Rock and Roll Animal, Lou Reed. Rock and Roll Animal was such a huge album, a big, big, rock album. He also played and wrote most of Welcome to My Nightmare and he was just a big guitar player in the 70’s. So when he asked me to record it, I was really happy [to do it for him]. Everybody he brought to the sessions were guys like him. Leland Sclar played bass.

“In general, it was those kinds of people [as far as “the stars” are concerned]. When you’re in England as a kid living in a village like I did, a guy like Dick Wagner WAS a huge rock star. What I am trying to say is, I am a big fan of doers and workers, that kind of thing, more than being famous.”

How much would it cost for someone just starting out to open up a studio similar to Spitfire (Warren’s home studio)?

“Not very much at all; all of us started in our bedrooms. Well, that’s not true exactly. The reason why I really like the idea of this program [Recording Connection] is because it is actually what I do! And what I did. I didn’t go to a studio and become an assistant. I was a musician and I had recording equipment. I just didn’t have any formal training.”


Introducing New Mentors at CopperFish Media...

“Based in the Beautiful valley of Salt Lake City, Utah, CopperFish Media, Utah’s best video production company, has a seasoned team of professionals that has produced hundreds of videos for companies in almost every industry”

CopperFish Media

“Through our experience we have been able to streamline the video creation process, allowing us to produce the highest quality projects at a fraction of what a normal production company would charge… Better product, less money.”

Some of their many services include short films, features, commercials and corporate videos.

“At CopperFish Media we understand the power of professional online video and how to maximize its impact for our clients. Salt Lake City’s video production needs are growing and we know having effective marketing partners can make or break your profits. Please take the time to speak to our Utah Video Production team.”

HollyShorts Film Festival!

HollyShorts Film Festival Showcase! ANYWEHRE, USA

ONLY 7 DAYS LEFT: Have a movie under 5 minutes? Win $50-$500!

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HollyShorts Film Festival

Have a movie that’s under 5 minutes? Enter to win the Hollyshorts Film Festival before Monday, April 21st! Only 7 days left! Entry and signup are free, voting begins after the submissions are closed.

Your video must contain Indi.com and HollyShorts in the credits.

See the full contest details and rules here!

HollyShorts Film Festival!

Recording Connection is on the air in Topeka!

Last week Scott Hertzig, a Recording Connection graduate from Topeka KS, scored a gig at Q103 Country. Listen to some of his commercial samples on the Recording and Radio Connection soundcloud!


On the Air

Be a Hero at the Film Connection!

Brandon Lambert has been shooting commercials with his mentor! The most recent commercial was shot at Ski Bradford where they used GoPros on snowboards to get real, live-action footage. In addition, they’ve also shot a few car commercials this year.

Remote Access to jobs and opportunities!

After weeks of searching for the perfect candidates, we are proud to announce that Remote Control Productions (Hans Zimmer’s post production company) has selected Recording Connection graduate Robert Wiley for the highly sought after apprenticeship in Santa Monica! Congrats Robert!

Hans Zimmer

Recording Connection student Jin Huang from China has a new song: “Once”

Jin Huang

“There’s just too much passion behind the song. Chris, my best friend, wrote the music and the lyrics, which completely touch the deepest part of my heart. He wrote the song which I recorded and mixed recently. The background of the song was based on the best time we had together. Everything is beyond language here, just listen to the song. I love everything about him, so I’m always doing my best to make it, make it ours.”


Blue Hamilton from Phoenix, AZ, apprentice at TallCat Studios with Ben Franklin; Check out his single “Runway” (2011)



Blue’s latest song, “Supermoon”

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“My mentor was great in explaining all scenarios for me and he also simplified what I didn’t clearly understand. The first session showed me that I have a mentor willing to help me out no matter how difficult the task at hand. He also explained that this is just the beginning and I should look forward to more difficult exercises. Overall, I was left with a great impression!”

- Robert Maddox Jr., Birmingham, AL, Recording Connection apprentice

Robert Maddox, Jr.
David Haro

“Yesterday in the studio a gentleman recorded an acoustic country song to be pitched to a record label in LA to have a female country artist sing. The song was really good and I got to sit in during the session as well as help set up mics. I still have the first few lines of the song stuck in my head.”

- David Haro, Big Spring, TX, Recording Connection apprentice

“I finished my first unofficial editing project this weekend. I put together a short video of my Godson’s first birthday party. I created something similar for my nieces a few years ago and the difference in the speed of my work on the two projects is substantial. I have been trying out the different settings over the weekend so I can figure out what works the best for me. I am looking forward to starting week three.”

- Victoria Bever, Santa Barbara, CA, Film Connection apprentice

“Lesson 18 was a very applicable lesson to my current situation. We actually went on the internet and looked at many different ways of controlling the sound of a room using absorbers, diffusers, and traps. We then talked for a good while about both my mixing and recording rooms. We discussed many ways of controlling the sound in both rooms and how instruments and sound would behave in each one.”

- Tyler McGuire, Saltsburg, PA, Recording Connection apprentice

Tyler McGuire

“The Chapter is laid out very well. Good job for the school [it’s] the best I have seen for online books. Having my own studio for about a year I hope that what I have learned on my own is the right stuff, if not, I will learn the right way I’m sure. It’s a long road ahead and I’m ready!”

- Roosevelt Davis, Southfield, MI, Recording Connection apprentice

Tyler McGuire

“What a great chapter. I’ve been using 44.1k and 48k sample rate for a while now, and never really understood what it meant. Now I know the importance of good digital converters. Learning all this information and really understanding the basics of the technical side of music will help to make things a lot easier. Cruising through this, loving the knowledge!”

- Coke Youngblood Jr., Los Angeles, CA, Recording Connection apprentice