April 11, 2014
Latest Jobs and Opportunities

This week we are offering these jobs to our students:

  • Videographer, Media Network (Film/Documentary) - Los Angeles, CA
  • Talent Management Positions Available - New York, NY
  • Assistant to Executive Producer (full-time) - - Los Angeles, CA
  • Film Producer Assistant - Los Angeles, CA
  • Audio Engineer/Film Crew for Music Video - Philadelphia, PA
  • Audio Engineer for Hip-Hop Project - Richmond, VA
  • Audio Engineer Positions Available - Washington, DC
  • Development Positions for Film/TV Productions - Los Angeles, CA
  • Audio Engineer (Logic exp. Preferred) - Chicago, IL
  • Assistant to Head of Development (TV Production) - Los Angeles, CA
  • Editor needed for Feature Indie Film - Los Angeles, CA
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Student Success Stories

Film Connection Apprentice launches filmmakers group!

ao creativeBlake Laitner, a Film Connection apprentice at AO Creative in Eugene, Oregon, is announcing the founding of Eugene Filmmakers Group, specializing in creating high quality, diverse, creative multimedia content within the local Eugene area. The group is currently working on producing a music video for a local reggae artist, and will be building on this momentum and expanding their reach in the coming months.

If you’re a filmmaker in the Oregon area and would like to become a member of Eugene Filmmakers Group, contact Blake Laitner at [email protected].

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DC Recording Connection graduate Krysta Cox becomes in-house engineer!

Krysta Cox, a Recording Connection graduate from Washington DC, is putting her skills to good use as the in-house audio engineer for regular shows at Ebenezer Coffee House on Capitol Hill! The coffee shop is owned and operated by National Community Church, with all profits going toward community outreach projects.

Krysta Kox 

Recording Connection apprentice Scott Hertzig lands regular radio guest spot

Scott Hertzig, a Recording Connection apprentice in Topeka KS who also happens to teach martial arts, recently got opportunity to put both skills to use. Through using his connections at his martial arts class and through his mentor, Randy Wills, Scott has been invited to be a regular guest on Q Country 103.5 FM every Monday to talk about martial arts! While there, Scott will also be putting his audio engineering knowledge to use at the radio station as he learns new skills in broadcasting.

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Over the years we have worked hard to break people into the recording, radio and film businesses and the world is finally listening and calling us to join the mission. Can you guess who we talked with over a two hour lunch recently?

Contest Hint 

Hint: The new RRF supporter is an Academy Award winning director who has made feature length films about five different world leaders spanning from BC to the present day. He is a legendary director with a rebellious streak who is also a published author, combat veteran, and all around great guy!!!!!

We reveal who our new best friend is later this month. If you’d like to guess, please sign up here. Guess right, and you could win a brand new Abelton Live or Pro Tools software package in the box! Entry must be received by 5/4/2014 - Good luck!

Contest rules: Must be 18 to enter. Void where prohibited. One entry per person. Winner will be chosen in drawing from all correct entries. The complete list of rules for this contest is available on the contest sign up page.

The Best Way to Get a Job in the Industry Mentor News

Film Connection mentor Steve Carmichael takes the hands-on approach with apprentices


Steve Carmichael of Radiant 3 Productions in Atlanta, GA has been a mentor for the Film Connection for about three years now. He really likes to go above and beyond the “book work” and bring students into all aspects of the realworld realm of filmmaking. He often takes the “road less traveled” by incorporating field trips into the process, taking his students to places like the local rental houses to give them the real-life experience of checking out equipment and seeing how different cameras work. When apprentices want some extra help looking for equipment, he will make suggestions and even accompany them to pick out something of quality.

Steve makes a point of tailoring his hands-on approach to the students’ interests, and even using those opportunities to teach others. When one of his newer apprentices, Brendan Anderson, expressed an interest in utilizing green screens, Steve helped out by setting him up to use one in the studio, and even invited some of his other apprentices to come in and learn a bit more about the process.

Speaking of the Film Connection apprentices, Steve can’t help bragging about them once in awhile. He says his apprentice Brian Kemppainen is one of the most brilliant script writers he’s ever met.

Brian Kemppainen

Recording Connection mentor Joey Stuckey designs audio tour for Georgia Sports Hall of Fame

Joey Stuckey, a Recording Connection mentor at Shadow Sound Studio in Atlanta, recently did the sound design and recorded original music for an audio tour in the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame. Lots of tourist attractions and museums have this kind of service, but this was a new idea for this particular attraction. The audio tour consists of three parts: an audio introduction to each major exhibit on the self-guided tour (accessed by cell phone); brief audio messages from some of the Hall of Fame inductees talking about their accomplishments; and a special tour for the visually impaired that brings to life things that can’t be experienced by the blind.

Learn Here with Recording Connection

“As the owner, producer and sound engineer of Shadow Sound and a blind person myself, this last part was my idea and something I am very proud of,” Joey says.

Joey involved his Recording Connection apprentice Nate Corson in a huge part in the process of putting the project together. “We went on location to the Sports Hall of Fame to record the inductees,” he says, “then returned to the studio to edit, add a short music cue at the beginning and end of each audio prompt, and then did some mastering. We then had to resample the files at 2200 HZ and 8-bit for the project to sound right over the cell phone.”

Joey brags about his apprentice: “Nate is a great student and was of great assistance during the process—helping to set up mics, set levels, shepherd the guests, edit and re-sample. I look forward to great things from this young man!” As far as his role with the Recording Connection, Joey says: “I love this program so much, this is by far the best concept out of all the other [colleges].”

Apprentices at Work

Recording Connection graduate Zachary Hewitt is currently a working as a DJ in Jacksonville, FL. In his spare time, he also sometimes continues to work with his mentor Phil Green (Greenteam Media, Check out Zachary’s Soundcloud!

“I always take my beats to Phil for a second opinion. He has a great ear for music.”

– Zachary Hewitt on mentor Phil Green

Brandon DiFino, Recording Connection graduate from Albuquerque, NM, has a new website for audio engineering and production.

Check it out! www.10over6productions.com

Brandon DiFino

Recording Connection graduate Kevin Campos makes BEATS!

Kevin Campos

“When I made ‘Ready’ I was going for Roscoe Dash - All the way turnt up.. I like the sort of rock element… and for ‘Complete’ I had Que’s ‘ Too Much’ (originally done by Thraxx) in mind.”

–Kevin Campos

Fabrice Murgia, a Film Connection apprentice at Cinemaviva in San Diego, CA, has been staying busy. Check out this clip from Zombie Run, a series he’s been writing, directing and shooting:


Also, here’s a commercial spot Fabrice edited that currently airs in San Diego:


Fabrice Murgia, Film Connection Apprentice
The Best Way to Get a Job in the Industry The Best Way to Get a Job in the Industry
Brandon Griffith

“In lesson one I learned a vast amount about how sound waves travel, how they are measured, and how our ears are designed to let us hear the sounds we hear on a daily basis. I can most definitely tell that my twenty weeks at Recording Connection are going to be fun and I’m excited for what’s to come.”

- Brandon Griffith, Columbus, OH, Recording Connection apprentice

“Great experience! I really enjoyed my first day at the studio. The mentor was sharp and really hands on. He made us all feel comfortable. My fellow apprentices were cool and all down to earth and friendly. I can’t wait for the next class session!”

- Lawrence Atiemoh, Chicago, IL, Film Connection apprentice

“I just learned the basics of Pro Tools. I also found out that my copy of Pro Tools is going to be here today! I’m getting a mac for Pro Tools specifically so I won’t be able to get into using it for a week or so from now but I’ll get there! And by the way, thanks guys for the Pro Tools!”

- Taylor Rivas, Kenosha, WI, Recording Connection apprentice

Taylor Rivas

“I’ve come such a long way from just a year ago. Producing beats in just 20-30 minutes now feels great.”

- Cristefer Young, Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada, Recording Connection apprentice

“I feel like [my mentor] really maximized the experience I gained by giving me real world application of what I would use and need to succeed on my own. I have seen a large improvement with my skill as a producer which is the reason I chose this program.”

- Zachary Wells, Powell, TN, Recording Connection apprentice

Ryan Fails

“This lesson was used on the mixed project. We used things from the lesson and applied them to the mixing assignment. I’ve got much to learn about these things, but with hard work and effort it will come in time. I’m just glad that we’re spending more time in the studio!”

- Ryan Fails, Fort Worth, TX, Rec