April 4, 2014
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This week we are offering these jobs to our students:

  • Assistant Audio Engineers Wanted - Washington, DC
  • Literary Assistant for Talent Management/Production Company - Los Angeles, CA
  • Assistant, Television Production Company - Los Angeles, CA
  • Film Producer Assistant - Los Angeles, CA
  • Audio Engineer - Chicago, IL
  • Audio Engineer (Full-time, ASAP) - Wilmington, DE
  • Executive Assistant for TV Production Company - Los Angeles, CA
  • Videographer, Sound Crew, P.A., etc. for Documentary - Indiana
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New film apprentice Ramone Walters runs camera for music video!

Crystal Clear Studio 

Ramone Walters just began his Film Connection apprenticeship program at Crystal Clear Studios at the beginning of March, but he’s already jumping in with both feet. Working with his mentor, Joey Heier, this week Ramone worked on a music video for the band Amsterdam and really took the reins in the camera department. During the two-night shoot, he learned his position so quickly, and worked so hard shooting video for over 15 musicians, that he walked out with a check in his hand both nights!

An aspiring filmmaker, Ramone is also a screenwriter. He has written three scripts: a drama about the father’s role in a child’s life, a comedy/animation for kids, and a horror flick.

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Recording Connection graduate Michael Graziano forms his own music startup

Michael Graziano, a recent Recording Connection graduate in Philadelphia, PA, has launched his own start up music venture called BeatsAffinity, which aims to be a sort of hybrid between Pandora and Soundcloud. Listeners’ music selections will be based on previous songs which they “thumbs up” or “thumbs down.” The site will also allow newcomers to start their own fan base.


“BeatsAffinity [is] a small group of people wanting to change how we find music and artists and to help fellow DJs and producers,” says Michael. “Our goal is to make finding music easier and commercial-free, whether it is just looking for a new genre or finding more music, and to help fellow DJs get noticed as well as our future producers.”

BeatsAffinity is currently looking for additional scripters, web designers, writers and artists to fill out the content of their new site. Michael emphasizes the casual vibe of the new startup: “Please note that we are artists, gamers, DJs and computer geeks who love what we do but are still friends. We hang out, chat and play games when not conducting business. So don’t expect a suit and tie impersonation, but we do take the work seriously.”

If you’re interested in being part of BeatsAffinity, email them at [email protected]

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Pensado’s Place Scholarship winner proves himself in the studio

Pensado's Place 

Recording Connection apprentice Peter DeWitt, one of the winners of the Pensado’s Place Scholarship, is coming along well with his lessons and studies, meeting in the studio twice a week with his mentor Donny Baker at Open Call Productions in Glendale, CA.

“Donny is very thorough, he really makes it a point that you gotta come in and WORK!,” says Peter. In their classes together, Peter and Donny talk with clients and book sessions, and Peter has even been assisting some of the clients with songwriting. In his spare time, Peter is working on some songs with an artist at his home studio and hopes to bring him in to Open Call for a full session.

The Best Way to Get a Job in the Industry The Answer Is...

In the past four newsletters we have announced that the Recording, Radio and Film Connection has a brand new supporter of our program. We have received thousands of emails attempting to guess who it is that supports our mission to educate you in real recording studios, radio stations and film production companies. We want to thank you all for your entries!!!

The Answer Is...

Legendary Film Composer, Grammy and Academy Award Winner Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight, Inception, Man of Steel) is now an official supporter of THE RECORDING, RADIO AND FILM CONNECTION.

Thank you Hans for coming forward to speak out on our behalf and on our mission to keep students out of debt and to get them connected and educated the right way, our way, the mentor-apprenctice way. Hans has also agreed to train some of our apprentices in his studio in Santa Monica, CA, so if your are a student of our program or want to be, let us know if you’d like to apprentice under Hans and his staff. But wait there is more!!!!

Hans Zimmer 

Hans was so impressed with our school he has agreed to go one step further with us:

We are excited to announce that we are going to be giving away the first ever HANS ZIMMER-RECORDING CONNECTION SCHOLARSHIP to a lucky film composer in 2015. More details on this once in a lifetime opportunity coming this Fall 2014.

CONTEST: Can you guess who now supports the Recording Radio & Film Connection?
Contest Hint 

Hint: The new RRF supporter is an Academy Award winning director who has made feature length films about five different world leaders spanning from BC to the present day. He is a legendary director with a rebellious streak who is also a published author, combat veteran, and all around great guy!!!!!

We reveal who our new best friend is later this month. If you’d like to guess, please sign up here. Guess right, and you could win a brand new Abelton Live or Pro Tools software package in the box! Entry must be received by 5/4/2014 - Good luck!

Contest rules: Must be 18 to enter. Void where prohibited. One entry per person. Winner will be chosen in drawing from all correct entries. The complete list of rules for this contest is available on the contest sign up page.

The Best Way to Get a Job in the Industry Mentor News

Chung King Studios hosts video shoot for Nas!

Chung King Studios

Chung King Studios, a Recording Connection mentor studio in New York City, is hosting a special video shoot for rap legend Nas. Chung King has a very well appointed live room (including one of the best pianos in the neighborhood), and artists and media companies often come in to use the studio as a backdrop (Maria Carey, Fergie, BET and MTV have all shot footage there).

According to studio manager and Recording Connection mentor Steve Kennedy, Nas will be using the studio to film a series of interviews.

Of course, Chung King Studios aren’t just known for its visual appeal. They also do recording projects for a wide range of notable acts ranging from hip-hop to rock and from Broadway to jazz. Past clients include Aerosmith, Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Alicia Keys, Billy Corgan, Black Eyed Peas, Jay-Z and Iggy Pop.


Mentor studio Ad-Venture keeping its Film Connection apprentices busy…

There’s always something exciting going on at mentor studio Ad-Venture in Fresno, California! At this full video production facility, Film Connection mentors Ted Ruiz, Matthew Miranda and their team are producing workshops, TV commercials, web and social media content (YouTube), live events and much more.

PAK 8 Promo
This week, they hosted and shot a Muy Thai workshop as well as another workshop for utilizing cameras in schools. Film Connection apprentice Nick “Chad” Osborne is having the time of his life at Ad-Venture, recently getting to assist in shooting an underwater music video! He is also gaining extensive experience using Photoshop and After Effects.
Apprentices at Work

Fabrice Murgia, Film Connection apprentice at Cinemaviva in San Diego, CA, is particularly enjoying the screenwriting aspect of the program: “I love creating stories!” he says. He’s still getting used to the filmmaking aspect, but he says it’s worth the effort to bring the whole story together. Fabrice recently purchased his own DSLR camera and is looking forward to landing a videographer gig at Comic-Con this year.

Shot from BMC M-Series Launch

Film Connection apprentice Senetchut Floyd has been working assistant camera (AC) for his mentor Russell Geltman at The New York Film Shop in Brooklyn, NY. The two often travel out of state to work as a team on various productions.

William Holloway and Bill Miller, Film Connection apprentices with Joey Heier at Crystal Clear Studios, worked as videographers for the Call to Action Assembly on February 28 at the African American Museum in Philadelphia, PA. The event was a community effort to raise awareness about dyslexia and other reading disabilities, and was coordinated by Joey Heier with Dr. Rahmanda Campbell and RRF career services.

Call to Action Assembly
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Mickey Busa

“My mentor helped with some quick pitch correction and good compressing which allowed him to perfect their sound. They were pretty impressed, as was I. It goes to show how much the hard work and dedication pays off. Stay productive stay motivated everyone!”

- Mickey Busa, Cranberry Township, PA, Recording

“I met my mentor to talk about our lessons. We spent about an hour talking about questions and chatting. The studio was very busy. I saw how an engineer prepares for tracking and sat in a session. My mentor helped clear up questions I had and clarified much of the course material.”

- Andrew Flores, Los Angeles, CA, Recording

“I got to learn about how a patch bay works and the different connectors that we are mainly using. Learning about patch bays and how they work much still seem a little complicated, but I’m sure with time I have confidence I’ll be able to get the hang out it!”

- Sean Sem, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Recording

Sean Sem

“Today I miked drums again, very fast on comfortable with the setup. My mentor said it’s the last time I will do it! Then we ran a keyboard through a di and also miked and electric guitar and experimented with placement of an sm-57 in relation to the speaker cone…Lastly I sat in on a bass recording session which was cut short because the bass player decided he needed a new bass to get the right sound. All in all a very productive day, with varied tasks I will see in a real studio job!”

- Tom Gosnell, Denver, CO, Recording

“I’m excited that I am now beginning my lessons on Pro Tools! I haven’t quite downloaded it and played around with it yet but soon, hopefully. I’m starting to memorize quick keys so I’ll be ready when we get into all that. My mentor printed out a bunch of the key commands for me so that’s super helpful to be able to read over a few times a day to really get familiar with it.”

- Jessica Sherman, Chicago, IL, Recording

“After we finished going over the lesson, I got to blend a track for my mentor to see where my ears are and I got to work on the mixing board and it was a lot of fun. He showed me the basic steps on the board and how to use it and at least get the hang of Pro Tools until I get mine. After I finished blending the track, my mentor thought it was really good and I was happy to hear that.”

- Mike Krystek, Bristol, CT, Recording

“This week I got my copy of Pro Tools and I immediately started working with. This chapter shows me some basics to Pro Tools but my mentor even showed me a lot more about it. My mentor even gave me some old session he had to work with and mix and he showed me a lot of shortcuts to navigate Pro Tools quicker.”

- Jeremy Miller, Fresno, TX, Recording

“Lesson 2 was a mind opening lesson. The reason why is because I never knew that electricity had to travel through all kinds of towers and lines. I knew electricity came from power plants but didn’t know it traveled through two substations. Also learning in the studio and having my mentor show me which device was used for analog current helped me remember it quicker since he explained it so well. Electricity is some interesting stuff!”

- Andy Jaime, Salem, NC, Recording

“My mentor helped me understand things a lot more clearly too. He’s such a cool dude. He had no problem helping me and actually was enthused that I came to him with questions about the lesson. It’s cool knowing what sample rate and bit depth are now since I’ve always seen those things pop up in Logic Pro or Maschine Mikro when I would go to bounce a track. I’m also glad that this lesson was hard because that means that I had a lot to learn! I’m just happy that I’m lucky enough to have my mentor at my side to help me understand it all!”

- Chris Bullock, Philadelphia, PA, Recording

“This lesson was used on the mixed project. We used things from the lesson and applied them to the mixing assignment. I’ve got much to learn about these things, but with hard work and effort it will come in time. I’m just glad that we’re spending more time in the studio!”

- Ryan Fails, Fort Worth, TX, Recording