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This week we are offering these jobs to our students:

  • Videographer / Sound Person for “Jazz and Jokes” - GA
  • Artist Manager - Southern GA
  • Big Brother Casting Assistant - Miami, FL
  • Remote Control Productions Assistant - Santa Monica, CA
  • JINXED short film seeking various crew positions - Burbank, CA
  • Prairie Sun Recordings seeking assistants ASAP - Northern CA
  • Record Label Operations Manager - San Marcus, TX
  • Production Company seeking PAs - Los Angeles, CA
  • Recording Studio Videographer - Houston, TX
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Student Success Stories

Recording Apprentice Tyler Rodgers scores a paid gig with his mentor

Recording apprentice Tyler Rodgers is already moving up rapidly in the audio engineering field, recently landing a paid job with his mentor, Jay Dudt of Audible Images in Pittsburgh.

Audible Images“Things are going great at Audible Images,” says Tyler. “I have been coming into the studio 4-5 days a week and have been involved with setting up and taking down equipment, handling the input balance on audio interfaces during sessions, adjusting mic placement on drums, guitars, and vocals, adjusting signal flow in the patch bay, and have briefly overseen sessions several times.”

Tyler says the studio has also begun entrusting him with responsibilities beyond just his audio skills, including dealing with clients and handling check deposits. “A reality I have come to understand is that the recording studio, and really the music business as a whole, is a business first, then everything else,” Tyler says. “Communication skills and understanding how finances [are handled] are equally as important as running sessions and editing audio.”

Tyler’s consistent involvement at the studio recently evolved into a paid job at Audible Images as an assistant. “I was told by my mentor himself that I have been the first student ever from the Recording Connection to receive a paycheck from his studio,” he says. “I know that is big news and really drives home the values and what the RRFC stands for. In other words, I think I’m doing the right things that can lead to a full time job.”

RRF career services is working currently working closely with Tyler to get him more opportunities once he graduates. He plans to move forward with his career by relocating to Los Angeles.

Dominic Cerna, recording apprentice turned record producer

Recording apprentice Dominic Cerna is back in his hometown of San Antonio, Texas after a short visit to L.A. in December 2013. In L.A., Dominic visited with Trend Def Studios and producer Jeff Blue (Korn, Linkin Park, Macy Gray) and worked with producer Mike Gonsolin on a few tracks.

Salmon PeakWhile apprenticing with Mark Sinko at Salmon Peak Recording in San Antonio, Dominic is continuing to gain a lot of knowledge about mixing and mastering the old-school way. Because the Recording Connection has allowed Dominic to work flexibly with his tutoring hours, he has been able to take advantage of other opportunities he has found along the way, including a potential record label manager position in San Marcus, TX. In his spare time, he is writing new music and putting together drums and synth tracks from scratch.

Dominic is working steadily day by day to achieve his goal of becoming a music producer. Find Dominic on Twitter and Instagram: @TakingDominic

Radio Connection apprentice Maryam Shepardson gets connected with up-and-coming radio station!

Maryam ShepardsonAfter being placed with her new mentor Butch Grimes at We Talk Radio, Maryam Shepardson is well on her way to making success happen for herself in the radio broadcasting industry.

This week, we had the wonderful opportunity to connect Maryam with Dale LeAke and the up-and-coming Los Angeles radio station Maryam is looking to be working full-time before she even finishes the program!

Maryam is no beginner to the field, mind you. She has a pretty impressive hosting reel and some prior experience in the world of radio, even hosting her own channel a few years ago.

“I was in the studio yesterday afternoon until evening, and wow, I’m so excited to be working with Dale and her team they are awesome; watching and learning all of this stuff is amazing!!”

– Maryam Shepardson

CONTEST: Can you guess who now supports the Recording Radio & Film Connection?

Contest HintHint: He is from a major country in Europe and lives in Los Angeles. His studio is in Santa Monica and he is considered one of the top three composers in the entire music industry. He is known for his use of orchestras mixed with electronic music. He doesn’t record his orchestras as a whole, but instead records the individual instruments and layers them in the mix.

Contest HintHe told us “The way you educate your students is the only real way to do it. I love the Recording, Radio and Film Connection because it makes sense and it is how I learned and how I made it. Your method works because it worked for me mad everyone else I know. My mentor was the great George Martin of The Beatles and I was his apprentice. That’s how I broke in. I support the RRF as the best way to break in to this business.”

We reveal who our new best friend is in next week’s newsletter. If you’d like to guess, please sign up here. Guess right, and you could win a brand new Abelton Live or Pro Tools software package in the box! Entry must be received by 3/21/2014 - Good luck!

Mentor News

The fabulous Florida Film House, featuring mentor Marco Mall

Film Connection mentor Marco Mall of Florida Film House lent us a few minutes of his time to talk to us about some of the studio’s recent projects, as well as brag a bit about one of his students, Anca Valeanu.

Shot from 'Dolphins Training Camp' by Florida Film HouseMarco taught Anca using his own side-by-side teaching method, allowing her to sit in with him during important studio budgeting sessions as well as production meetings. She was very driven and very proactive in her studies. Through Marco, Anca learned how to write and assess agreements, schedule (AD work), and all of the tasks associated with line producing such as securing location agreements. Thanks to all this, Anca can now say that she is a REAL, WORKING PRODUCER in Miami. She co-produced a film called A Miami Love Story and will be assistant producing an upcoming feature called The Brick (yes, its about drugs).

Marco’s other current or recent projects include a film with P. Diddy, Jadakiss and Rick Ross called Let the Games Begin, as well as music videos for T-Pain, T.I., Lil Wayne, and even more recently, a reunion of The Backstreet Boys.

Check out all of Marco’s work at

Film Connection welcomes new Los Angeles film mentor Alfredo De Villa

The Film Connection is pleased to welcome writer/director/producer Alfredo de Villa as a new mentor! Based in Los Angeles, CA, Alfredo has done commercial work for McDonalds, Harley Davidson, Comcast, Skype, Time Warner, and others! He has also worked on films such as Nothing Like the Holidays, Adrift in Manhattan starring Heather Graham, and Fugly! starring Rosie Perez.

Alfredo is looking forward to helping future apprentices achieve their goals in the film industry. He is currently working on a production in his home country of Mexico.

Learn more about Alfredo at

ID Labs: Pittsburgh’s PREMIERE connection for recording apprentices!

A new connection was made this week with ID Labs, the top recording studio in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

E. Dan, Founder and Owner of ID LabsID Labs has worked with artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Chris Brown, Maroon 5, and many others. Their corporate clients include Atlantic Records, Rostrum Records, Warner Bros. Records, Sony/ATV, NBC, ABC, HBO, MTV, Disney, Microsoft and Mountain Dew.

Zach “Sayez” Vaughn, chief operator at ID, is incredibly excited to begin working with us as a mentor--so much so that he offered one of our current Recording Connection students a job working at his studio as an assistant!

Read more about ID Labs at

Felipe “Flip” Frazier of Atlanta, Georgia talks mentoring and studio ownership

Felipe 'Flip' FrazierThis week we spoke with “Flip” of Audio Flip Studio and Production in Atlanta. Flip’s areas of expertise in music production include rock, hip-hop, R&B, metal, soul, and screamo, as well as post-production for films. He has been a mentor with the Recording Connection since 2012 and really enjoys his time working with apprentices.

Flip has been personally mentoring Jennifer Garcia for some time now, taking it at a steady pace so she work on other projects while she studies. Lately, they’ve been getting a lot of post-production work through the studio from indie movie companies.

Ryan Adkins at Azmyth Recording

Ryan Adkins is a Recording Connection graduate-turned-full-time studio owner and engineer. He operates his own studio, Azmyth Recording in Indianapolis, along with studio manager Mike Lions.

Azmyth RecordingTogether, Mike and Ryan have worked with everyone from Eminem (on the first D12 album) to Mike Posner to Project Pat. They’ve also done audio work for MTV on the shows Catfish and Made.

Currently, Ryan is working with recording apprentices Zirajet and Kegan Anderson on mixing and tracking a few songs for The Bleeding Keys.

Check them out online at

Apply to the Recording Connection Apprentices at Work

With the help of the Film Connection career services department, film apprentice Seth Loomis recently landed job as a production assistant working on a TV pilot in Tennessee!

“I learn best by figuring things out for myself, but sometimes need to be aimed in the right direction due to my unrestricted imagination.”

– Oliver Furnival
Recording Connection graduate, Burlington Ontario, on his individualized apprenticeship program

Recording Connection graduate Uriah Halbesen (Denver, CO) is currently doing independent work, opening himself to new and bigger ideas. In the short term, he wants to be an underground artist, and if that doesn’t work he would like to be an audio engineer. He makes beats locally and also globally after being with the Recording Connection. He is a very versatile go-getter with a huge wanderlust.

Engineer DG at Quad Recording Studio“At Quad Recording studio, I learned how to run sessions and got a lot of hands-on experience. I learned a lot on my own, too.”

– Max Hahn
Recording Connection apprentice
Brooklyn, NY

“I’ve been a film connections student for about the last year or so and I’ve loved it. I have got tons of jobs through my experience with the program and my mentor is now hiring me all the time for work and spreading my name around.”

– Adam LaPine

“Life is all about breaking out of your comfort zone.” – Blake Laitner, Portland

Butch Grimes of We Talk RadioAfter only a few lessons, Maryam Shepardson (Radio Connection apprentice), has already scored herself a position in an up-andcoming radio station in Los Angeles. She plans to continue the rest of the program with Butch Grimes at “We Talk Radio”.

“Everything has been great so far; I’m loving the program and learning a lot!”

– Timothy Perez, San Antonio at Salmon Peak

Zachary Schaffner scored the position working with Mike Davidson at Plaid Dog Recording in Boston! He has already started working at the studio, and is looking forward to expanding upon his skills and techniques so that he can move onto bigger projects in the near future.

“I love working with Mr. Slaughter & slaughter music. He’s a great teacher and it was a great learning experience! I’m working on a mixtape right now.”

– Dale Ham

The Graduate Files

Blake LaGrange is turning his Recording Connection education
into real-life experiences

Blake LaGrange graduated the Recording Connection in 2009 under mentor Steve Weatherbee at Golden Track Studio in San Diego.

Blake LaGrange“If you are already doing what you love and you go through the program using the resources at Recording Connection, you can succeed,” Blake said during a visit to Los Angeles Center Studios this week.

Blake comes from a place of personal experience, as he currently owns and operates two of his own studios with a focus on EDM music.

Read more about Blake’s success story on our website, or check out his personal website for booking inquiries and more here

David Im talks career goals!

“My end goal, which I’ve drafted up a business plan for, is to start up a facility which involves a full recording studio with a few rehearsal spaces (targeted for drummers) but open to other musicians/bands. As a drummer, I want to provide a one-stop shop environment and facility (especially for drummers) where services are provided for musicians where they can record, practice in rehearsal spaces, networking events, undergo various workshops, eventually provide a stage for a live venue/gig and essentially a breeding ground and ability to perfect their craft.”