Student Success Stories

Getting in the mix of things with Jessy Otero at Stepbridge Studios

Things are really going well for Jessy at Stepbridge Studios with Edgard Rivera. He is almost done with the program and is currently on lesson 18. Through the program Jessy is involved in, he has been focusing on lots of tracking and playing drums from both the drummer’s POV and the Producer’s POV. He likes to get perspectives from all different sides of the spectrum.

Stepbridge StudiosEdgard is kind enough to let Jessy work directly with the clients and artists as they come in and out of the studio. He is mainly focusing on working hands on at the studio and applying the information into real world situations while retaining those teachings. Edgard even helped Jessy create his own mini studio at Stepbridge with the equipment Jessy bought in. Jessy likes to make mixes at home and then work on those tracks with Edgard at the studio. He also has three EP tracks which are already out; he is currently working on some new ones as well.

Jessy is soaking up all the information and teachings he is learning from Edgard and absorbing them like a sponge. At Stepbridge, Edgard and Jessy mainly focus on working with Blues, Solo Artists, Acoustic, Alternative Rock, Metal - His band recorded a Metal track there, Jazz, Rap, EDM, and Real Drums.

Edgard did audio for Family Guy and American Dad, and was even a voice on an episode.

Jessy is a drummer by trade. On his latest track, he attached an electronic to acoustic conversion to a drum kit to make a more electronic sound. Edgard is helping Jessy with translating that information to ProTools and with mixing tracks.

Edgard is very much committed to Jessy as his number one fan. So far, Jessy is making the most out of the program and is taking advantage of the hands on portion. He works best learning from trial and error and if he fails, he keeps trying until he succeeds. Recently, Jessy placed his band into a Battle of the Band contest and they won! They also opened up for a couple bands at a local spot called the, “Launch Pad” in Albuquerque.

Jessy’s goals for after graduating the program consist of either opening up his own studio or work in a studio.

Story by Samantha Adler, edited by Britney Tobin

Mentor News

ER Studios is heating up this winter!

Last year, mentor Edwin Ramos at ER Studios in Connecticut took in Mike Pozzemato.

Recently, Mike scored the a job with Edwin as his full-time assistant. Together, they’re currentlyworking on “The Fighter 2”, on which Edwin directly produced one of the tracks for Mark Walhberg.

In other news, Bryan McKnight is coming in on the 22nd of February to record one track, and Robin Thicke will be making an appearance around in March with an independent artist in Connecticut.

Recording Mentor, Ben Franklin, releases his self-titled album: "Benjamin Franklin"

Tall Cat Studios

This Valentine’s Day weekend, Recording Mentor Ben Franklin from Phoenix, AZ will be releasing his own record produced and mastered through Tall Cat Studios.

“My favorite thing about being a mentor is being able to share my experience with those who are trying to take their experience to the next level,” says Ben.. “It’s a beautiful thing. I was able to have that experience as a young individual in music when a good friend of mine, Skip, brought me into his studio.”

This Valentine’s Day weekend, Recording Mentor Ben Franklin from Phoenix, AZ will be releasing his own record produced and mastered through Tall Cat Studios.

The album will be available for free download on Facebook release, Soundcloud and

“I’m doing this new thing where I’m producing tracks for people who don’t have the means to work with a top notch producer or studio, and provide beats that are affordable – it’s bringing back the culture of being a recording engineer,” he says.

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“I got to sit in on sessions a lot and work really closely with my first mentor Bryan Carlstrom (Tranzformer Studios) before he passed away last year -- he left behind a great legacy. My second mentor and I didn’t have the greatest connection chemistry-wise, but he was a great teacher and a very knowledgeable guy. My third and final mentor, Matt Cunliffe, showed me all kinds of things, new techniques, and dig mixes. His personality is just great. I still have a lot to learn, but I know this is a good start. One day I’d like to set up my own home studio.”

– Chris Zouen, Northridge, CA

Alice Cooper Visits Full Well Studios“Things have been great so far with me and my mentor we’re on Lesson 13 now learning about signal processing, dynamics, gates, compressors, limiters and such. I’ve been going in every now and then to sit in and watch him do sessions with artists as well. Next lesson I’ll be bringing in an artist that I know to record a song from beginning to end as my mentor assists me with engineering the track.”

– Don Surratt, North Royalton, OH

“The coolest part for me was being able to work on real music in a studio which isn’t the same as working on my music at home.”

– – Leonardo Chacin, Tega Cay, SC

The Graduate Files

Film Connection Graduate Pitches His Feature Film!
A follow-up on Dominic Matich

Jon Russell Cring

For one week in Albany, New York, Dominic Matich got the opportunity to get some real-life, hands-on experience working in the film industry alongside director Jon Russell Cring and his wife Tracey. Together, they introduced Dominic to the band that for whom they are working on a music video with.

Later, they met with several producers and investors for their upcoming projects, including the feature film “This is Nowhere”. During his stay, he Dominic was also able to learn some editing on Adobe Premiere 7. Tracey and Jon stated that Dominic is truly a natural, and they are even giving him credit on the project on which he assisted with editing on.

Tracy Nichole Cring hooked Dominic up by transcribing a short synopsis of his script Sharptop as he pitched it!

“It’s a Coming of age story about a gang member who wants to change his life. Sharptop is about an 18 year old with kidney disease who decides he has nothing left to lose and turns to a life of crime and fast money. On a robbery, he accidentally steals a DVD that has footage of a rape. The victim on the DVD is a sixteen year old gun man, who’s been paid to kill him. Sharptop has to decide to save his enemy or face off. Like, Training Day meets Juice meets Trainspotting.”

Apprenticeship at Sanctum Sound

Zachary Schaffner gets extended hands-on training as an audio engineer with Recording Connection mentor, Mike Davison

Zachary Schaffner is a Recording Connection engineer-in-training who’s just bubbling with potential and connect-ability. He’s been apprenticing under Ryan Hinkel and Mike Woods at Sanctum Sound in Boston, MA.

Sanctum Sound

Most recently, they’ve had the opportunity to work with Bastille on a few sessions where Zach got to meet with the band and a bunch of their record label managers. Zachary took the initiative to pass out business contact information and keep in touch! In the long term, he sees himself branching out of New Hampshire to anywhere and everywhere

This week Zach was invited in for an interview to work with Mike on an independent project at Zippah Recording.

“I took many notes throughout my time at Sanctum Sound, during the sessions that I sat in on, and helped with the stories and content there.”

-Zachary Schaffner, Goffstown, NH