Brendan Anderson, Star Student at Radiant 3

Steve has been helping me a lot with the business side- he learned how to write a business proposal for a $30,000 budget.

Primarily, Brendan does rap music videos in the Atlanta area, and gets paid to do it! He starts out with the treatment to a screenplay, negotiates a rate, meets with them, come up with a budget, decides on equipment and what to use, finding locations, actors, etc., shoots the video, and edits it for his clients.

Brendan is starting to work with some artists working with MTV Jams. Within five years, Brendan would like to see himself as a Colin Tilley of sorts, or in other words a big time music video director!

It's a lot of work and you can't do this if you don't have a passion for it.

As far as films go, Brendan has expressed that he wants to writer thrillers or action movies similar to "Taken" with Liam Neeson.

As far as Atlanta's film community goes, Brendan says it's growing substantially. He even made a short video for a local film contest at his website:

Check out Brendan's YouTube Channel, Anderson Prods. to see what else he's been working on!

Anderson Productions


Philadelphia’s Hero, Film and Recording mentor, Joey Heier

He has been glorified by his apprentices, or as he calls them “his boys” as, “The best mentor around!” and “A wonderful man”

Currently, Joey Heier is working with his apprentices on cool projects such as new mixing techniques with Recording apprentices, and lighting techniques for Film apprentices. Joey is also helping coordinate a project advocating literacy at the African American Museum next Friday.

“I cant thank him enough for everything he has done for me, he’s an amazing guy,” Robert Ellis praises his mentor.

“I plan to move to Philly so I can continue our friendship,”
says Nick Miller of Dalton, PA.

Joey Heier


EDM mentor talks mentorship & music production at Serenity West recording studio This week we spoke with Cameel Hanna of Serenity West Studios about his overall experience as a mentor and studio owner.

This week has been their first relaxed week since the two month long Grammy madness. “It’s a busy studio season so we did book lots of sessions during that time including Frank Ocean, Glee cast vocals. All of the vocals you hear on Glee – those are all done by us.”

What does it cost to Master a demo or track?

“[In the instance where] there is a singer and a pre mixed program, the producer may be motivated either by amount of work involved, other assistants or engineers involved; it’s a complicated question and is individual to the producer and the studio. The artist generally will negotiate a flat rate with the studio/producer.”

On being a mentor with Recording Connection:

“Tony Sano, previously an actor and professional gambler, is currently working in film scores for example; he’s a great guy, very interesting.” Cameel says about his current apprentice, Tony.

It’s been an interesting journey so far. Each of the apprentices are all stars in their own right and are coming from their own special places.

Studio A at Serenity West


Steve Foggin loves hosting apprentices at 35th Street Studios where the students get to come in and observe sessions. During their sessions both on and off the clock, Steve’s students get to work on a lot of hands-on projects and use the equipment in the studio. After their apprenticeship, Steve often brings graduates back in for the opportunity to be technical advisors; his studio is truly a home for engineers to “find a playground” to get comfortable in.

On making a demo:

“You have to do your best with what you have. If you can get a producer past the first part of the song and into the chorus, your track will go into the good pile. It must sound, at least, “basic but good”, good enough to get the track through the door. They [the artists] shouldn’t be working with any materials less than top-notch -- and of course, always showcase their best songs and material first.”

“In the world we live in today, you can make $2,000 go a long way -- much farther than [the way it had been] previously. Then, it would cost you $2,000 just for recording quality tapes to get you in the front door. We cater to budget projects here. For example, a rap demo can be made for as little as $200. You can see our venue and do a video tour at, and see the difference. See why you truly need a good engineer.”

They just landing an East African Gospel and a classical Latino ballad project.

“In my day, it was all ‘learn as you go’ -- it’s a changing world, and you have to be really dedicated.”

Steve has been all over Europe and Scandinavia in his life and travels, but he really enjoys working with up-and-coming artists who want to learn the business.

Check out 35th Street Studios at

Steve Foggin, Recording Connection Mentor


“I’m an audio engineer for a Company called Audio Gods. I love Joey and I plan to move to Philly so I can continue our friendship.”

– Recording engineer, Nick Miller, Dalton, PA on working with Joey Heier

Taylor Giddens is looking forward to assisting WATB radio with some upcoming events and projects throughout spring as their go-to videographer. In addition, he is also working on setting up his own production company called Kelly Productions.

“My experience has been really great; Mike and Baines are both wonderful and talented engineers and instructors, and very fun to work with.”

– Mia Govoni, Recording Connection graduate from Massachusetts

Dylan Jones has been working with Mike Diiorio at Digital Production Group since 2013. In just the past two weeks, they wrapped shooting a FIFA World Cup spec for customizable jerseys which will be aired on TV. Dyland and Mike have constantly been in the mix of some “smaller” projects as well, such as Nitro Guys, a reality show about drag racing. In addition, they’ve shot a few furniture store videos -- there’s never a dull moment at Digital Production!

“I’ve been working on a private showcase for local artists which we are calling “The Root Sessions.” I’m very excited about it!”

– Francis Harrington

Vinny Maglio, a Film Connection, NYFA (New York Film Academy), and UCB (Upright Citizen’s Brigade) graduate is currently booking a lot of stand-up shows in NYC and looking to move to Los Angeles in 6 months! Vinny has stated that he feels most at home when he is on stage, and feels that it is his true calling, but wants to continue doing film and comedy together for a long time.

“Living your dreams is stupid. Look for a real job. I’ve been a lot better off ever since and the recording connection has truly helped me with that!”

– Joshua Cook, on getting consistent jobs in the music industry.

JJ Moser was an assistant engineer for a Black Party Politics show, this past weekend (Valentine’s Day) here in LA “in an EPIC 30,000 square foot cathedral/mansion” in Downtown LA which was once a Catholic church.

“Donny Baker was good to talk to, and even better to work with, just a good guy overall. The best part of the experience for me was the hands-on practice because I’m a drummer! Setting up the mics to drums was one of my favorite lessons, definitely a valuable thing to know.”

– Peter Betancourt

Apprentices at Work


House Studio has long been a cornerstone in the Recording Connection’s solid line up of premiere studios and knowledgeable mentors. Located in Washington DC, House Studio strives to “develop creative minds while challenging them to create the highest level of works in their respective fields. Simply put, we want to help great people do great things,” as their mission statement reads.

House Studio was founded on the passion of Yudu Gray, who left his nine-to-five job to explore his love of music. His hard work has paid off; in continuing their mission of greatness, House Studio recently expanded their location to accommodate their growing success. Already in their fourth year of business, House has won the Washington City Paper honor of Best Studio in the DC area for the past two years. They have been nominated again this year and are determined to come out on top. “We have won this award two years in a row and are shooting for a third,” Davina Thomas of House Studios states.

You can vote for House Studio at the Washington City Paper website at the provided link:

Vote for House Studios and help give back to a studio that has helped various upcoming artists and apprentices alike find their voice and unique talents!

House Studio


Master’s Program student finding and creating new opportunities for herself in Los Angeles

Hannah Finegold is currently working with bands and producing tracks on her own. In her spare time, Hannah attends different types of networking events and opportunities in the LA area to expand her knowledge of mixing and mastering the art of recording.

Her latest project involved helping an associate set up a new studio at Ocean Way on Sunset Blvd. While there, Hannah incorporates what she has learned from the program so far and constantly strives to learn and observe any new techniques while working at other studios.

Well equipped with knowledge of working with different industry professionals and their studios, Hannah is set to finish her Master’s Program in Mid-March with an emphasis on producing!

Ian McCamant is back in LA!

In recent weeks, Filmmaker / Film Apprentice, Ian McCamant re located to Hollywood, California and is making major headway as he progresses through the “madness” of LA with flying colors! Ian road tripped all the way across the US in the blizzard of 2014.

In just the short time he has spent back in Cali, Ian has made a handful of great contacts in the industry for collaborations, partnerships, and beyond. Prior to his move, Ian pitched his zombie flick, “The End of History”, in January to horror genre film producer, Evan Astrowsky. He decided to make the leap long before returning to his home in Maryland, and that Los Angeles would be able to provide him the resources and environment he needs to thrive and grow in the film industry.

From the moment Ian landed back on SoCal turf, he has scored three job interviews, each one progressively better than the last and is looking to plant his feet for years to come. Ian is currently working on a multitude of scripts including a time travel romance/adventure piece and a psychological thriller.

Here is an excerpt from a paranormal themed film Ian is working on, “Frivolty”:

“Henry, an architecture professor commissioned to do a big money renovation on a house steeped in local legend, finds romance on-site with Maggie, a young ghost hunter working on her thesis. But something from long ago still lurks in the shifting shadows and crumbling corners of the old Duskridge house; something evil.”

Ian has met a PR manager, Dotan Bear at Associated Artists Group, and through him, Ian was able to meet some actors, and assisting with helping him with preliminary steps involving selling his scripts and getting by in the world of film and entertainment. In addition, he has also met some likeminded filmmakers who he has kept in touch with!

Hannah Finegold