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William Morris Endeavor

The Recording Radio and Film Connection is excited to proclaim our joining with global talent agency William Morris Endeavor in order to donate charitable support to the Common Ground Foundation. The Recording Radio and Film Connection is overjoyed at the prospect of both assisting a noble cause and joining forces with the prestigious institution that is William Morris Endeavor.

The Common Ground Foundation serves as a creative and educational jumpstart for children in need. The Common Ground Foundation organizes summer camps, mentoring programs, and creative events for children who would otherwise not receive this valuable experience.

The Recording Radio and Film Connection is ecstatic about the opportunity to positively influence young people early in their lives. The Common Ground Foundation specifically designs their events to expose children to new and unfamiliar things. Their programming ranges from concepts as simple as placing kids who have been brought up in predominantly urban environments into natural ones, by way of camping trips or excursions to natural parks, to more complicated and in-depth courses like art classes or music lessons.

The Common Ground Foundation was founded by famed Hip-Hop Performer, Author, and Actor Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr., who performs under the name Common. Common has gone on record saying, “Making a difference in the lives of others is life’s greatest purpose.”

The Common Ground Foundation has been formally recognized by CNN Heroes and the BET Hip Hop Awards as an outstanding philanthropic organization.

The Recording Radio and Film Connection and William Morris Endeavor are both extremely proud to support the Common Ground Foundation.

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