Why Anthony Alvarez Chose the Recording Connection

Anthony Alvarez - Recording Connection Student
“I’ve been looking for a (recording) school since I was 14 or 15.” Anthony Alvarez, a Recording Connection Student from Bloomington, CA had this to say about why he chose the Recording Connection.

“I was looking for recording schools throughout the Souther California area and I had gone to M.I. tours, to The Los Angeles Recording School tours to other private schools and even to community colleges and couldnʼt find anything that gave me what I need or worked around my work schedule… I keep looking for something that provided for my needs and just at the beginning of this year I came across the Recording Connection. Seeing the cost was really manageable and seeing the way the hours work around your schedule, youʼre working hands on in the studio which is way better than sitting in the classroom, not knowing if you’re going to get the lab hours or getting past up (for opportunities).”

“You’re actually getting to sit in with the professional.” He went on to say, “It’s not a whole bunch of students sitting in front of you, it sometimes only one or three and most of the time you’re the only one which is great and one of the things I love about the program.”

— Anthony Alvarez, Bloomington, CA

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