Why 72 Percent of Recording, Radio and Film School’s Graduates Get Hired

–The mentor apprentice educational model provides the perfect environment for the entrepreneurial student because they are apprenticing in the real world.–

Los Angeles, CA–Nov 4, 2015 – There have been numerous articles recently about the increased cost of higher education, the accompanying escalation in student debt, and the low success rate of students finding jobs after graduation.  Historically, private trade schools have been the worst offenders.  So how does Recording Radio Film Connection (RRF) consistently place over 72 percent of its graduates in careers in their chosen field?

Recording Connection apprentice Matthew Bennett works the night shift at ZAC Studios - Atlanta, GA.James Petulla, founder and chief executive officer of Recording Radio Film Connection (RRF) explains it this way. “It starts with our mentor/apprentice educational model.  If you want to be in the music, broadcasting, film or culinary business there’s no better teacher than someone who is a successful audio engineer, radio DJ, film director or restaurant chef—they not only talk the talk, they walk the walk.  Our students apprentice under these working professionals, in private lessons—just the student and the mentor–which allows for great flexibility in terms of scheduling, areas of interest and learning pace.”

More importantly, students are learning in the real world, inside a recording studio, radio station, film production company or restaurant, where they apprentice under and assist their mentor on his or her commercial projects.  Students are constantly exposed to the latest ways things are being done in the industry, gain actual work experience while they are studying, and most importantly are already on the inside of the industry they want to work in.

Apprentice Matthew Bennett of Roswell, Georgia was recently hired at ZAC Studios in nearby Atlanta. “For as long as I can remember, my life and passion has revolved around music, and a career in the industry has always been my dream. Through my friend and mentor John Edney, and the Recording Connection, I’ve found my way to ZAC Recording in Atlanta where I’m currently working the night shift.”

Recording Graduate Carlos Hernandez (left) and his mentor Alfredo Gonzales (right) at work in Beacon Hill Recording Studios, El Paso, Texas.Carlos Hernandez of El Paso, Texas impressed his mentor so much that they hired him as a staff engineer at Beacon Hill Recording Studios. “I love being at Beacon Hill.  I love all the people there. I feel really comfortable working there. I never saw the apprenticeship as school. It felt like a job where I was always learning something new.  I wanted to be both an engineer and a producer and my mentor Alfredo does both so it was a really good choice for me to get him as a mentor… it has helped me a lot.”

According to the RRF founder, another strength of the mentor apprentice educational model is that it provides the perfect environment for the entrepreneurial student because they are apprenticing in the real world. They learn how business is conducted, how to deal with and acquire clients and how things are actually done in the real world.

Recording Connection graduate Chris Litwin of Danbury, CT proudly displays his certificate of completion.Graduate Chris Litwin of Danbury, Connecticut recently opened his own recording studio there.  “I couldn’t afford a school like Full Sail or any Universities that were offering audio programs. Then I came across RRF and they set me up with a local mentor, Edwin Ramos in Waterbury, Connecticut.   He and I talked for almost three hours to see if I would be a good fit for the program. I was so dialed in to him and all his success, his gold and platinum records, and his accomplishments that he shared. I knew right then and there that this was what I wanted to do. Edwin opened my eyes to so many things, he has helped me so much and I can’t thank him enough. He’s an amazing mentor, engineer/producer, but most of all a great friend who I can still to this day call and ask for advice. My dream has come true of owning my own studio and it wouldn’t be possible without RRF and Edwin Ramos for all of his knowledge.”

Danbury, CT.  Recording Connection graduate Chris Litwin (left) and his mentor Edwin Ramos (right).

Chief Operating Officer and head of admissions, Brian Kraft is passionate about his role in the students’ success. “The goal of most schools is to graduate as many students as possible.  Our goal has always been for our students to get hired upon graduation,” said Kraft.

Traditional schools approach to job placement usually begins and ends with a graduation ceremony and an aged list of industry contacts where graduates can submit their resume.  The mentor apprentice model of education offers multiple paths to job placement.  In some cases, students are hired by their mentor; in other cases they get a job either through their mentor’s connections or from connections they’ve made while apprenticing on the job.

“Our student services and job placement department does a wonderful job finding job opportunities through our vast network of industry connections and then matching our graduates with these opportunities.  Our approach is purposely disruptive and quite successful,” continued Kraft,

Petulla offers a final thought.  “As a parent, I’m fortunate enough to be able to afford my sons higher education.  Their roommates had to take out Federal student loans and will graduate some $70,000 to $80,000 in debt.  We’re very proud of the fact that our tuition is under $10,000 because we know how quickly debt can kill dreams. We’re here to fulfill dreams, not kill them.”

About Recording Radio Film Connection

Recording Radio Film Connection offers mentor apprenticeships in radio broadcasting, music recording and film directing and producing. Industry veterans have flocked to the concept, enabling the company to have professional mentors in all 50 states.

RRF has been in business since 1983.  Students learn the ropes from working industry professionals which they accomplish in private sessions in their mentor’s workplace: a recording studio, a radio station, or a film production company.  An approach that works in markets large and small, the company’s mentor apprentice programs are available in 250 cities and towns and in all 50 states.

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