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What Will I Learn?
What Will I Learn?

What Will I Learn?

Recording Connection Audio Engineering and Music Producing Curriculum


Check out our curriculum, and as you read through it, imagine yourself sitting at a board in a real studio learning it from a professional in a private session. No one to bother you. No one tying up the teacher’s time. It’s just you and your mentor. And it is time for you to shine. Time for you to excel. Our curriculums are based in Pro Tools, Logic and Ableton Live with satellite learning available in Reason, Fruity Loops and other programs. Yes we can and will accommodate your needs as we match you with the mentor who is willing and ready to teach you privately in his or her studio. This is how every student of the Recording Connection is trained.

Learn Hands-On At a Real Recording Studio

The Gear

Let’s be real.  All audio schools have pretty much the same gear, the same hardware, the same software, the same acoustically designed studios. What’s important about the gear is how much access you have to it.  This is where our one-on-one classes really pay off.  The Recording Connection not only has the gear, you don’t have to fight 50 other students to get your hands on it.

Learn the Ins and Outs of Audio Engineering and Music Producing

Secrets, Shortcuts, Tips and Tricks

We are the only audio school that uses working professionals in their pro recording studios to train you as an extern. This means a ton of things, but most importantly it means that your teacher/mentor will be teaching ALL the stuff that you can’t find textbooks. The stuff we are talking about is all the many tips, tricks, secrets and shortcuts that the audio business demands of all of its professionals. In any field, there are things that you can only learn from experience while “on the job.” It is these things that separate the unsuccessful from the successful. We teach you these things by training you from the inside. Your mentor has logged many years on the job, and he or she has learned a lot. You’re going to need that secret knowledge to make it. Period.

Learn at a Recording Studio in One-on-One Private Sessions

Techniques.  (How to Use The Gear)

We talk a lot about the benefits of the mentor/extern model of education.  Briefly, this means you learn in private lessons, just you and your mentor.  This mentor makes his living as an audio engineer or music producer.  He uses the gear every day, and he’s teaching you—one on one.    It doesn’t get any realer than that, an everyday occurrence at The Recording Connection. 

Learn How to Record and Product Music

How to Record and Produce Music

You’ll learn how to record, mix and master music, whether a client’s or your own composition. You’ll sit in on sessions ranging from accomplished bands with multiple records under their belts to novice groups cutting their first demo and everything in between. Real world stuff, practical knowledge, the important stuff.  

Build Connections in the Audio Industry

Connections and Networking

Let’s face it, “Who you know” is really important. To be successful you need to catch some breaks. Connections and networking are your best bet for catching these breaks. Every time you’re working as an extern, you will have opportunities to meet people in the industry, connect with them and later network with them by keeping in touch. It’s just you, your mentor and his clients.

Recording Connection Helps You Promote Yourself

Promotion and Marketing (Virtual Networking). 

This is the virtual side of building connections and networking.  When you connect with someone while externing in the recording studio, you can get their contact info: email, facebook, phone.  When you attend the Recording Connection you get an online course in Social Media which allows you to benefit from becoming part of the Recording Connection online groups.  The Recording Connection helps you promote yourself.

Become an Audio Professional

How To Act Professionally.

In the music business acting professionally is NOT about wearing a suit and tie. It’s about managing egos, channeling creativity, being responsible, knowing your stuff. You can’t learn this from any book, and you can’t learn it from a person not working in the industry. You need to experience it to be able to do it. The Recording Connection is the school that puts you inside a recording studio surrounded by professionals.

Develop Entrepreneurial Skills

Develop Entrepreneurial Skills (and how to sell).

A surprising number of jobs in the creative fields are “self-made jobs.”  By this we mean jobs where you find a client, or a client finds you, or you create a position that didn’t exist before and find someone to hire you.  All of these approaches require entrepreneurial skills.  Guess what?  You’re externing inside a recording studio that was built by an entrepreneur and is run by entrepreneurs.  From day one you are surrounding yourself with entrepreneurs. Who better to develop your inner entrepreneurial skills?

Interact with Real Clients as You Learn

Learn How To Interact With Clients.

Learning how to work with clients is an essential skill in the music business.  After all, they are the ones who will be paying you.  Clients come with expectations, deadlines and egos.  As an audio engineer or music producer, it’s your job to handle them correctly so they walk out of a session with the results they were looking for and a respect for your ability to help them achieve these results.  Your mentor deals with clients every day and offers you the perfect opportunity to develop and improve your client skills.

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