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Job Opportunities & Student Success Stories Job Opportunities & Student Success Stories Issue #25 – Student Successes By Britney Tobin & Jeff McQ

  #25 – Student Successes
The Future is “Crystal Clear” for Thomas White
Joey Heier, Crystal Clear StudioSince enrolling in the Recording Connection as an apprentice at Crystal Clear Studio in Philadelphia, Thomas White has started seeing lots of doors open for him. After polishing his resume, Thomas began to notice he was getting a lot more callbacks for various gigs he’d applied for, such as running musical theater live sound in New York City and Forge Recording in the Philadelphia area.   After attending the recent “New Music Seminar” in New York City, Thomas applied to WXPM Radio for an IT position. Even though he felt he was not prepared for the job, Thomas’ career counselor at the Recording Connection suggested he apply anyway. Within two weeks, they responded with an emphatic, “NO” to the position he’d applied for. What they said instead was, “We’d rather bring you on board as an audio engineer seeing that you meet all of our expectations and more!”   Soon after, Thomas’ mentor Joey Heier recommended him for a live sound gig with Audio Gods. After his interview, the manager at Audio Gods told Joey, “That’s a great guy right there”—an accomplishment in itself since Joey says, “He never says that about anyone!”   Meanwhile, Thomas continues his apprenticeship with Joey at Crystal Clear Studios, helping with voiceover work and other projects. He marvels at the difference in his emerging career since enrolling in the program. “If I were going to school anywhere else, I wouldn’t have any of this,” he says. “Before this, nothing was working out, but ever since I joined Recording Connection, everything has been working out.” Congratulations, Thomas!