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Warren G
Warren G

Warren G

When Grammy nominated hip hop artist Warren G. decided to get back to his roots and obtain a more formalized music education he chose The Recording Connection for two reasons: 1) He was able to attend in his native Long Beach, California and 2) The Recording Connection classes take part in a recording studio—an environment Warren finds much more comfortable and familiar than a classroom.

The fact that Warren G. is attending The Recording Connection only illustrates a point we’ve been making for years. Those in the music industry know and understand the value of our mentor/extern, one-on-one, inside the studio based teaching approach. Literally, they grasp the power of our approach within five minutes of talking to us. That’s why so many music industry names endorse us…because the way we teach music, including hip hop, just makes sense.

There are a lot of things to compare when choosing a music school or music school alternative. Location, tuition, length of course, subjects taught, teachers, etc. But really, shouldn’t the number one thing you look at be the effectiveness of the program in teaching you the job skills in an actual working environment that you will need while connecting you inside the music industry with mentors, peers, and contacts to further your career. In other words, shouldn’t preparing you for a career in music be the number one goal of any program, school, or trade school you attend? After all, aren’t you thinking about going to school because you want to carve out a career in the music business?

The Recording Connection programs allow you to tailor their curriculum to fit your passions and needs. We work with you on scheduling, we work with you on finding the right mentor and studio to accompany your musical tastes, and we work hard to connect you with job opportunities.

We have programs in Audio Engineering, Live Sound, Hip Hop and Beat Making, Electronic Music Composing, and Advanced Audio, as well as workshops in Music Production, Live DJ, Post Production Sound for Film, TV, and gaming.

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Recording Connection provides affordable, unique education models coupled with mentor-based (externship) programs that can be engaged remotely or in person.

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