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In the highly competitive music industry, you need to get yourself into a place of advantage in order to launch a successful career as an audio engineer, music producer, beat maker or musical artist. An on-the-job externship with the Recording Connection helps give you this advantage with three stages of success that we refer to as “Get Educated, Get Access, Get Hired.”


Do you need to go to college or trade school to become an audio engineer or producer? Not necessarily, but the fact is no one is going to give you a job in this industry if you don’t know the ins and outs of a recording studio. You need to have skills in order to make it. You do need an education—the only question is where and how you get it.

With the Recording Connection, you get educated by learning on-the-job with a real professional, a producer/engineer with real album credits and years of experience. This gives you firsthand experience and training that you could never get by sitting in a classroom, and it equips you for a career much more quickly than spending months or years on a college or trade school campus.


Why do you suppose so many audio engineering school students struggle to find work after they graduate, or have to settle for unpaid internships? Simple: they never got access to the industry itself while they sat in their classrooms. So no matter how qualified these students might be, no one wants to hire them because no one knows who they are.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again (and again): connections are key to breaking into the music industry. Training in a real studio gives you industry access that a classroom could never offer you. It’s a chance to work with real producers and engineers on real recording projects with real artists, learning how to use real gear the way the pros do. Think of all the people you could meet in this situation—people whom you can impress with your skills, people who can talk you up to their friends, people who can one day hire you. This is the kind of access to the music industry that classroom students only dream of.


It’s not enough just to have access: you have to make the most of the opportunity. The students who are most successful with the Recording Connection are those who work hard and prove their dedication by showing up on time for class, showing up for extra sessions as often as they’re allowed, and otherwise impressing their mentors with skills and hard work. Consider this: if you were a studio owner or engineer, and you needed to hire someone to work with you in the studio, whom would you hire? Someone fresh out of trade school with no experience, or someone you had trained yourself, someone who was already doing a great job for you? (The answer should be obvious.)

That’s the whole point behind this third stage of success: when you train in a real recording studio, you have the chance every day to audition for a job.

Get educated. Get access. Get hired. Get on path to a rewarding music industry career with the Recording Connection.

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