Working With Clients In The Recording Studio

I think working with other people in the studio, it’s a great thing. It makes it so much fun. I love working with other people making music, especially when you guys love the same kind of music.

That’s like the greatest thing. Sometimes when people have other interests in types ofmusic, that’s awesome too because it brings so much more diversity to the table and it brings new elements into the music that you’re creating.

Not only that, it’s like you learn from each other. You could be working with someone who has more experience than you and you learn from them. The same thing the other way around. You might have more experience than someone else, and you can teach them things and help them become a better musician or producer or engineer or whatever it is that they’re doing.

I think it’s essential to having a career in music to learn to work with other people in creating music. If you can have that going in the studio and have good energy and positivity and just good vibes because making music is all about good vibes. That’s another important thing, I feel. If you can keep that good energy going, I think you’ll make nothing but great work. I think only great work will come out of that situation.

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