Why I Chose The Recording Connection (Student Nathan Lanzino)

As I got into playing guitar more and more, I realized that I loved music so much that I couldn’t even see myself doing anything else and being happy. So, I decided to find a way to make money being in music still without just playing guitar, because it’s pretty hard to make a living just playing guitar unless you’re going to be a teacher, which I’d like to do on the side also. But I would like to be a little more involved in creating my own music or creating other people’s music with them.

So, I think it was money that really turned it into me deciding to get into audio engineering and then I ended up loving it. It made me look at music a lot differently, gave me a kind of broad or wider spectrum of things to look at when I was listening to music. So, it’s only enriched whatever I have already loved to begin with.

So, I think if you’re going to do something with music it’s got to be very widespread what you can do. You can’t just play guitar. You can’t just be an engineer. It’s pretty hard to at least. So, I’m just trying to spread myself out as much as possible so I can definitely for a fact have a career in music.

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