Where My Interest In Music Comes From (Student Nathan Lanzino)

When I was growing up music has been in my blood. So, since I’ve been born I’ve been naturally drawn to music. My parents always listened to a lot of jazz and actually just a pretty wide variety of stuff. So, since I can even remember having a thought I’ve been listening to music and I’ve always loved it. I decided to actually start playing an instrument when I was about 12 or 13 and that was the guitar, which led to me playing other instruments and then later on I got into recording and stuff.

Well, like I said, my parents were very into jazz, so I listened to people such as Rachelle Ferrell, Weather Report, Mahavishnu Orchestra, like John McLaughlin stuff. Later on when I got into high school and went through the whole rebellious stage, I guess, I got into some metal and listened to a lot of Periphery and things like Born of Oriris and things that are on Sumerian Records, basically, all those bands. Later on I got out of that because I found it to be kind of shallow music. So, I started getting into more songwriting and kind of went back to my roots and got into bluegrass which is what my grandpa used to play a long time ago.

So, I listened to the Punch Brothers. Whatever Chris Thile makes, I pretty much listen to any of that and I’ve been looking to get into more Punch Brothers and other bluegrass-related stuff, David Grier, lots of guitar stuff actually. So, I decided to start studying jazz a little bit more while I started doing the production stuff, because people would come in and I’d write on their things. Whenever I would write on their stuff it would help to have sheet music to write it out on or be able to transcribe it so that it’s something organized. So, I’m looking to get into engineering and producing, very much so.

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