What You Will Learn At The Recording Connection (Student Chris Bell)

The things that really stuck with me, was the amount of things that I learned about the
recording industry in a six month time frame.

There was so much that I felt that I knew before entering in and was able to expand on. There were so many things that I learned that were just a tremendous help to me. I mean, even if I’m recording something at home with just a little guitar part I have in my head, all of a sudden, all of these things I learned over a six month time period are flooding into my brain. About mic placements and being cautious of my signal path, and listening for noise, listening for hum in my system, maintenance on my gear. There are so many things that you don’t think about that goes into a recording. But once going through the program, you’re taught all these things, and they stick with you. Completely subconsciously, they’re just always with you. I think that knowing those things is such a huge asset to me.

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