What I Learned At The Recording Connection | Colorado Student Review

Around 2008, I started releasing music on BeatPort, and iTunes, and Amazon, and all the digital distribution networks where you typically release electronic music. I had a little bit of guidance from some local producers that had been doing it for a long time, but it never really seemed like the guidance that I needed. It was always very dry, very stern, involved a lot of memorizing things that they had written.

It wasn’t until I joined The Recording Connection and got hands-on and worked with other artists that I really started to grasp the concepts that I’d been trying to memorize for such a long time. All the settings of a compressor, like the attack, and the release, and the threshold, and the ratio, and how to use those on a vocal versus using them on an instrument to make something sound more attenuated, or make something sound more flat, were all things that I was having a very hard time learning how to do on my
own or with the guidance of the locals around me.

When I joined The Recording Connection, and got to actually utilize outboard compressors and EQ’s on individual channels, I really began to understand how to effectively use them in different contexts. And that is something I will always attribute to The Recording Connection in all my future productions.

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