What I Got Out Of The Recording Connection

I got exactly what I needed and then some out of the Recording Connection program. The areas in which I was lacking prior to taking the course were definitely compression, EQ-ing, and mastering. That, in addition to patch bay routing, using outboard gear effectively, proper mic placement and working with other artists were all things that I gained from the program.

Now I feel confident enough to use a compressor properly on vocals versus on an instrument, and all the technical aspects of making a mix sound perfect. Versus before, I was just kind of playing it by ear, and in my opinion, if it sounded good it was good. Obviously, when it comes to making something sound commercial, it’s a lot more complicated than that.

Getting hands-on in Colorado Sound Recording studios definitely gave my music the edge that I needed to make it sound as polished and as comparable to other artists as I wanted it to be, while still being creative and incorporating my own ideas into what I was doing.

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