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I am a graduate of the Recording Connection Audio Engineering Program, and I am currently a full-time audio engineer, music producer, and DJ. Before I started mentoring with Jessie at Colorado Sound Recording Studios, I’d been a self-taught, independent electronic music artist for probably about ten years. I started out young. I started out in middle school. At the time I was just playing around with Fruity Loops and Reason making dance tracks.

Shortly after that I started doing my own vocals in some of my music, and eventually I became confident enough to start burning stuff to CDs and giving them to my friends and my classmates, and people at local clubs and parties. Slowly but surely, I started to build a fan base. Eventually, I learned how to DJ and started getting booked at some smaller events. Eventually, small events became larger events and I managed to do some pretty cool stuff.

I did a Dead Mouse remix for a Dead Mouse competition that I ended up being top ten semifinalist out of about 800 submissions. I also did an Adam Kay remix with another local artist named Dragon. Adam Kay is a Canadian artist that has remixed Dead Mouse and a lot of other people officially.

So I managed to do some pretty cool things, but in hindsight I think I would’ve joined the Recording Connection a lot sooner because I think it would’ve saved me at least five years of learning on a trial and error basis.

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