The Pittsburgh Music Scene (Student Chris Bell)

The music scene in Pittsburgh is incredibly diverse. I’m sure as with most cities, but we’re a very blue collar, working class city. There are a lot of acoustic acts and alternative acts, and there are groups doing stuff with horns and keyboards, and all kinds of different stuff. I was actually, a few weeks ago, just at a local club that my band plays at pretty regularly. They have acoustic open stage night, and there were a lot of really great acoustic acts. But they were all doing something different and everything was really fresh. It seems like not just the recording community, but the musical community as well is looking for something different to do, not just what’s top 40 on the radio. That’s not only refreshing to hear, but as a musician it’s nice because all musicians like variety and there’s just a lot of diversity going on and a lot of good, hard-working musicians that probably aren’t getting the credit they deserve. But hopefully, maybe some day they will be.

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