The Importance Of Being In The Recording Studio (Student Nathan Lanzino)

I was in the studio with the hip hop artist, Los, who was from Baltimore and just got signed to Bad Boy Records, thanks to my mentor and him working too hard. Basically, I wasn’t super into hip hop until I got into right way, and then seeing the whole production that goes behind it and all the hard work, I don’t know, I found respect for it and decided that I don’t know. I didn’t decide. It was an unconscious decision that I liked it. So, from there I was sitting in the room with Matt, my mentor, and watching him record his vocals. I just thought, “They sound so good and I want to know how he does this and just know everything.”

So, I watched him for so many hours, working with him, and basically I just came home and then tried to copy it all using the stuff that I had gotten from him. It’s definitely helped with my mixes, just sitting in the room. Like I said, just sit back and shut up and just watch and pay attention and you’ll learn plenty. I mean, it’s also because he’s such a good artist that I could – it was something very good to work with, which as opposed to having crap music to work with. It’s harder to make not good stuff sound good obviously.

But, also, going to be recording a band for $2,000, I believe, for ten days and that’s such a rewarding feeling. Like, it’s all on me in my mentor’s room. I feel really good that he would trust me with that and he’s going to help me mix it a little bit for my final project and, I don’t know, I’ve met the group, and I go to their band practices every Tuesday. I’m getting to know the guys. We’re doing the pre-production together. It’s like a huge production beforehand, which is cool. It’s a lot more professional than the stuff I worked with before. But other than that, I don’t have many other stories with artists that I’ve worked with in the studio.

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