The Baltimore Music Scene (Student Nathan Lanzino)

At Serena Park High School, I started meeting a lot of other musicians, befriended a couple and started a band. It was a hard core metal band, which it was a lot of fun and I met a lot of good people through it. The music scene around here is very, I’d say – what’s the word? It’s very open. There are a lot of different styles around here, it’s not like it’s just one thing.

Like, I know Baltimore is just covered in hip hop artists but there are also a lot more around the area in Annapolis, in DC, and specifically in my home town, Serena Park. In my neighborhood there’s a place called Manhattan Beach Club, which is basically, it’s like a small, little club house for people to get together and just play all sorts of music. It’s a very friendly environment. Everyone’s really open and helpful, supportive people trying to help each other out with music because they all know how hard it is to make it somewhere. The music styles around here are very cool. I think that’s shaped partly my own experiences with music in a large way.

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