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Successful Audio Engineers Have The Right Attitude


Getting a career going in music has definitely been difficult. It’s definitely been tough. I never expected it to be easy for a second at all. Anything that is worth doing is definitely going to be hard to do. It’s definitely going to take a lot of work, but that’s what makes it so worth it.

I was in a band for about two years and that band was my life. I loved it. I loved it so much that every day revolved around being in that band, for me. To put so much time and work into that and to see it fall apart is definitely a tough thing to deal with, but it’s also a learning experience. It’s a test to see how much love you have for this. It’s definitely not over for me at all. There’s been way too much time and effort put into
getting music going.

I’ve been playing drums since I was 11 years old, and I got into producing and engineering when I was about 16 and I’m 21 now. So, to just give up, I can’t just give up and walk away from this. This is everything to me.

That’s one thing I’ve learned going to Recording Connection is you have to love what you do. You have to have a great passion for this. They also taught me you have to work hard. You have to have great work ethic. But making your music career, if you can go about it that way, I think only great things will happen for you. But you definitely have to love this. It’s definitely something you have to be passionate about.

That’s definitely what I’ve learned going to Recording Connection. I think if you can just go about making that happen for you that way, just keep that drive going and keep that ambition and that love for making music, if you can keep that alive and keep that going, I think only great things will happen for you.

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We are not like ordinary audio or trade schools. We don’t waste your time in classrooms. This is the world of audio. Everything you need to know should be taught in the real world. We are unique, out-of-the-box thinkers. After over 3 decades service—we have the formula that works:

Private Mentor in Professional Recording Studio
Faculty: Private Academic Facilitator
Online, Interactive Curriculum
Meaningful Industry Connections
Hands-on Learning in a Recording Studio (Not a College Classroom)

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