Reviewing The Recording Connection (Student Nathan Lanzino)

I didn’t know how professional things were going to be in the studio, so I came dressed up in a suit and a tie and everything. Everyone just kind of laughed at me and told me to kind of just chill out a little bit. From then on I started getting a little friendlier with the mentor and he actually became a really good friend of mine, I’d say. He’s helped me out so much just from the get go. But the first couple of weeks I learned so much it just blew my mind. I would come home and talk to my parents and just try to re-embellish on everything that I learned that night just so I would kind of be able to speak it out loud and remember it and get it in my head.

So, yeah, every week that I went it was just great. It was everything I wanted it to be. I would even get to sit in on some sessions and the artists would talk to me and they’d be interested in the program. They would joke about even getting into themselves because it was such a good idea. I thought that was pretty funny. My mentor actually saw how interested I was in it and realized that I was pretty – not a natural, but I seemed to understand it pretty well, more than some of maybe the other students. He gave me lots of tips on building my own studio and now I have my own studio, long story short. So, he helped me out a lot with everything along the way

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