Recording Vocals – How The Recording Connection Helped Me

When I started doing my own vocals in my music. I was just using a cheap dynamic microphone. I’d record it and I’d automate the volume on every syllable so that it sound the way I wanted it to sound.

This was meticulous, exhausting and never really got the results that I wanted.

It wasn’t until I started learning about EQing and multi-band compression and D-S-ing and bringing out the breathiness of a vocal and all that stuff that comes along with really nailing a vocal track. Then I started being happy with my vocal recordings. I part learned some of this stuff on my own and then really learned it all when I went to the Recoding Connection. Multi-band compression particularly. And now I’m confident when I step up to the microphone, that i can get my voice to sound the way that I need it to without spending so much time riding volume levels and doing countless takes.

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