Recording Connection Review from Student Chris Bell

My best advice to offer somebody going into the program, I think, would be to be open to different things and learn as much as humanly possible.

I actually got an email from somebody who saw my profile on The Recording Connection, on the website. They are actually going to be attending in November in Pittsburgh, and were asking about the program and how I liked it and if I felt it would be a good fit for them.

That’s exactly what I told them was to just learn as much as you can, get in as much board time as you can. The minimum requirement for The Recording Connection is, I think, two sessions per week. I was at the studio four or five days, some of those sessions I was there for over 12 hours. Learn as much as you can, study and research on your own.

The Recording Connection also supplies you with Pro Tools software, get that up and running. Once you’re halfway through your program, I think they give it to you on Lesson 10, and do audio tests, record on your own. If you’re not a musician, I’m sure that you know somebody who plays guitar. Get them to come over and record some stuff.

Always read, always research, learn as much as you can as often as you can is, I think, my best advice. It’s a great program and it’s really helpful to anyone involved. But, yeah, my best advice is to just absorb as much knowledge as you can from the program. It will greatly help you in the long run.

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