Recording Connection Provides Real World Experience (Student Chris Bell)

I had already had a background in recording, so I, at the very least, knew the basics. But working with the artists and being able to vibe off other people and seeing how other people work, I think, helps you greatly. Because it not only gives you the opportunity to read people, but when you do something that sounds good, to see them become excited about it and want to perform better, and keeping them happy. If you’re happy, you’ll play better, or record better, obviously. But interacting with the clients – and there were quite a few projects I worked on really early on. I picked a great time because it was his busy season when I started The Recording Connection. But the clients were a huge help to me. They gave me real-time experience. It wasn’t just me and my mentor in the studio doing audio tests, which we did do quite a bit of. But being able to be thrown into projects right away was really, really a big help because it allowed me to know that I had to be good right off the bat and I had to be able to produce results relatively quickly.

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