Overcoming the Catch 22 of Needing Experience to Get A Job

Interesting about being in that place where there is a catch-22 with landing a job and then having the experience for it. To me, it’s really your mindset because there is a sacrifice, and the sacrifice is in you don’t want to fake it until you make it, but you’ve gotta take this gig because it could be finances, could be opportunity. But I always believe at some point you’re going to have to show them proof.

So, I always believe if you’re not equipped to take advantage of an opportunity in its fullness do yourself a favor because you’ll short-change yourself in the long run. See, for me, I can’t afford to have somebody working for me, on my dime, that could possibly have a hiccup. If I’m hitting you up, I’m calling you for the gig, you’ve gotta be ready to go, you got to know what you’re doing. The catch-22 for me is, “Well, he’s available, but he’s not really equipped.”

No, even for me, I can’t afford to take that shortcut. So, some folks will run into that catch-22, and get in there and seize the moment and one or two things, it can be great, it can propel you to another opportunity, or it can be a complete killer for you. And, to me, that all comes with just…as time comes, as you acquire more experience and those things, but in the long run I think, the catch-22 is signing up for something you can’t really do, and that just kind of being the end of that.

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