My Strengths As An Audio Engineer (Student Nathan Lanzino)

I think what separates me from other engineers around here is I’m very patient and I’m judgmental, but not forceful of my own opinions.

If you want your music to sound the way you want it to, it’ll sound that way. I’m not going to make it sound like something else that I want it to sound like, necessarily. But I will put my own opinions in and try to partly shape it but not completely change it. Also, I mean, if people want me to write on their music I can write on at least five different instruments to help them out and even play them on the recordings for them if they don’t have someone yet.

People have brought me acoustic demos that we’ve turned into full band songs that sound pretty good for just a little home studio in the basement actually. My prices are actually really cheap because I just want to get as much experience as I can. It’s not about the money yet. I want to be able to give them a product that’s worth charging a good bit of money for before I can actually do that.

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