Meeting My Mentor And Touring His Recording Studio (Student Nathan Lanzino)

Originally, I was supposed to move to Nashville to study audio engineering. I was going to intern for $10. He was going to teach me and give me a place to live and a place to work and he was just going to throw me into the business basically. But things didn’t work out with him. He didn’t have enough clients at the time. So I came back home and I found Recording Connection. When I found Recording Connection, I gave it a shot.

I figured it sounded like a good idea and I went and talked to the studio that you guys set me up with and really hit it off with the guys. They were into the same type of music I was into. They seemed to be more up to date with the stuff they were doing than the place I went to in Nashville. So that kind of pushed me along into wanting to do it a little more and I figured why not? I figured I’d give it a shot and it’s worked out pretty good so far.

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