Learning to Record Drums

I remember one day at the studio that I went to, it was Crystal Clear studio in Philadelphia. That’s the studio I went to the whole time I was at Recording Connection. My teacher, the engineer there, was Joey Hier. He’s a really good guy and a great teacher. He taught me so much. So I showed up that day and there was this kid there who was a rapper. His name was Kyle. He had a beat made for his song already and he was getting ready for his vocal track. He went and did his track and finished. After they finished the track, him and my teacher, they both asked me if I wanted to do a drum track over the song they had just recorded. I said “Of course, man. That sounds awesome. I would love to do that”.

So I went in the live room and they had a drum set there already. I set it up and got comfortable with how I usually play. They played the song for me a couple of times. I think it took ten minutes for me to get comfortable with the song. So, after I got comfortable, I told them I was ready to record. So, I was like “Let’s do this man”. They started recording and I believe I got the song done on the second or third take. I nailed the drum track on the second or third take.

I went into the control room after I was done recording. I went into the control room to go hear what I did and my teacher told me how surprised he was or how awesome the song came out and how impressed he was with it, like how fast I just did it. He told me I just did it with ease, like it was just simple to me, even though it wasn’t. It was tough to do a a song on the spot like that, but for him to say that, all the things he said to me, it just made me feel like, it was so rewarding. It just made all that hard work, for all these years, it made it worth it. It made my ambition and drive just go up even more.

After that day, I just wanted to go home and play drums and become the best drummer I could after that day. I think that was a great time and it was a great learning experience for me and I definitely wouldn’t trade that for anything.

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