Learning The Recording Business In The Real World (Student Nathan Lanzino)

The things that he helped me the most with, was the advice he would give me with how to deal with the clients. Like, just keep giving more and more takes until they don’t want do anymore. Just go as fast as you can with it with still keeping the quality and just stay focused for those long sessions, because they get pretty tiring. But if you just stay focused they’ll be happy in the end. I mean, like I said with the studio, he helped me out picking out gear and stuff for my price range and usefulness of my area that I could use, the space that I had.

So, I have a nice setup here now that he told me what to get. I got a perfect amount of mics to mic up a drum kit fully but I can also use the same microphones for pretty much any other instruments that come in here. So, he really took the time and helped me with stuff he didn’t even have to really. I mean, he could’ve just followed the curriculum and showed me. But he went the extra mile, I’d say.

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