Learning In A Recording Studio (Student Nathan Lanzino)

I came into the program with a pretty open mind. I kind of, like if I don’t really, really get something I figure I might was well act like I know nothing about it so I can learn as much as possible. So, when I came into the program I kind of just expected to learn whatever they would show me and then eventually it all would come together and make sense, which is exactly why I love this program. Reading a book in a classroom wasn’t good for me. I would read a book and I would either forget it or I didn’t know how to apply it to a situation. So, I would go home and do the curriculum, come back, and my mentor would just go over it with me.

As the times progressed I would just get it more and more because he would show me in real life situations how I would be using that stuff. I think that’s the biggest part of why this worked for me personally because it’s very hands on and you learn how to deal with the clients too. I’ve done a couple sessions for my mentor while he’s been on tour without him and things have gone pretty smoothly. I’ve actually worked in his room and the studio kind of hires me here and there as an intern. So, it’s, I don’t know. It’s just worked out really well for me and I’m really grateful.

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