Improving Home Studio Results (Student Chris Bell)

I wanted to focus more on the professional aspects of recording, the tried and true techniques. I was doing things at home with friends, I had a decent setup, but I wanted more training. I wanted to learn more. I wanted to learn how to get better sounds, to just all around get better at recording, and then branch out from there into any live sound, if possible and get better at editing and things like that.

Ultimately, I ended up doing a lot of stuff for film. My mentor, he gets a lot of film work because he used to live in L.A. So, I was able to get a lot of post production work in my training, which is great and it pads your resume.

So, I ended up getting a fairly well-rounded education, not just the basics of recording and Pro Tools, and mic placement and dynamics, which is important. But I was
getting aspects of live sound and foley recording, and background editing, things like that.

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