DJ IZ: How We Measure Success at the Recording Connection

Interviewer: Does that put them at a disadvantage, that they’re so money-focused and fame-focused?

DJ IZ: I believe that does put them at a disadvantage. When your drive and you’re committed because of, what I would say is the by-product of hard work. Hard work isn’t the by-product of financial success. It’s the other way around. So, when I say, for me, whether somebody paid me or not, man, I’d still be making music, because I love it. That’s my commitment. I’d die to it over and over and over again.

When it’s the other way around, and I look at folks that are driven primarily by just the possibility…because it ain’t even happened yet. The possibility of acquiring financial success or wealth, and that’s the motivation, then your time is gonna be short-lived.

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