DJ IZ: How To Make Dream Careers in the Music Business Come True

DJ IZ: There’s no better classroom than the actual world itself. For an engineer, there’s no better classroom than the studio. For a guy who loves to shoot with his camera, or shoot videos, there’s no better classroom than the set and learning how to work with people. That’s the biggest thing, is understanding the climate of a room, and then being able to learn the room, know the room, and then have that language that works with creators. That comes with time, and that’s…no institution is going to be able to supply that for you.

Interviewer: So you’re an advocate of real world education?

DJ IZ: I’m a serious advocate of real world, real environment education. Because that’s truly when the tires meet the road. That’s the mileage that counts on your vehicle. To me, the traditional platform of education is your vehicle that sits in the garage, doesn’t get any miles on it. And the real world is when you put that car in motion, and then you start accumulating miles.

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