How To Become An Audio Engineer (Student Nathan Lanzino)

If I were to start looking for how to become an audio engineer, I would say, have a very strong willpower to work very hard.

Also, keep your mouth shut, I’d say. You can’t talk too much and bother the people that know what they’re doing. Just if you can get into a studio, I would say go around and knock on studios. Say you’ll pick up their trash or you’ll do anything you can to get your foot in the door originally, and then just sit back and don’t bother them.

I mean, if they need something do it for them. But just sit back until they ask you to do anything, I’d say. Also, just research things online, everything is online that you can learn. It’s just a matter of you actually taking the initiative to look it up yourself and actually study it, rather than go out and have fun. I mean, sometimes it’s not fun but it’s rewarding once you know how to do it and then you can apply it to your art. It’s a lot better. It’s a lot more fun and it’s a lot more rewarding.

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