How The Recording Connection Helps You Succeed (Student Chris Bell)

Right now, I’m basically hitting the job market pretty hard. I’m going on as many websites as I can find that offer audio and visual jobs.

There are a ton of them out there. It just takes time to go through Google and search. Some of those would include jobs that I’ve applied for, basically would be either audio editing or web serials, and things like that. Sometimes it’s unpaid work. Sometimes it is. It’s tough to get your foot in the
door. It’s not an easy career to step into.

But I’m hitting the job market incredibly hard, and I’m applying to probably at least five or six jobs a day. One I applied to recently and I’m hoping to get a reply back is for CBS Radio. They were looking for a board operator, which would basically involve me recording the broadcasts and editing them. So, it’s not terribly different than a session. It’s just I’m not necessarily dealing with music.

So, the education in itself does lend itself to other aspects of the recording industry, not just recording bands in your city, but to broadcasting, film, television, and web serials. So, the education, it might be geared towards audio, but the knowledge is very broad in my opinion.

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