Getting Help With My Home Studio (Student Nathan Lanzino)

Right now, I’m trying to make enough money to have the studio to a point where I’m not working on a laptop. I want to have an iMac. I want to have just a little more professional gear, some outboard gear so I can actually charge a little more and get some more professional clients. Obviously, lower prices seem to attract slightly less professional bands. But it’s all leading to other things. I’m getting lessons. I’m hoping to have a business where I teach lessons out of my studio and for guitar and piano lessons. I would also like to be recording here. But on the side, I would like to be doing live sound.

I’m trying to get into live sound because my mentor was telling me that that’s probably the best, most paying gig with sound and you don’t have to do as many gigs because they’re a lot heavier workload and I don’t know, like more money for the work. Then you can do the studio stuff on the side, which is what he does. It seems like the best way to do it. So in two years I’d say, I’m hoping to have my business solid and possibly have an associate’s degree in teaching so I can do production and teaching on the side. So, that’s my two-year plan. But for the next five years I’m not really sure exactly where I want to be and still trying to figure that out actually.

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