Electronic Music, Audio Engineering Skills and the Recording Connection

I fell in love with electronic music at a very young age. I was in middle school. I had already been listening to Moby and Fat Boy Slim, and Prodigy and Chemical Brothers. But it wasn’t until I heard BT and Paul Van Dyke that I really dove into electronic music. I got my hands on FL Studio, at the time Fruity Loops, and just started playing around with my own songs.

I eventually started incorporating my own vocals, burning the songs that I was writing to CDs and giving them to my friends and my classmates. Slowly but surely, I started to build a fan base. I started throwing house parties and DJ-ing, making music in front of everyone that was hanging out at my house at the time. I even tried to put out a CD when I was really young, commercially. I tried to release an album.

But in hindsight, I think the reason that I fell short so early on was because I was very into the creative side of making music, and had very little technical knowledge. I didn’t know anything about compression, EQ-ing, mastering, proper song arrangement for the radio versus for a DJ. These were all things that took me a very long time to pick up on.

In hindsight, I would’ve joined the Recording Connection a lot sooner because I think I would’ve saved myself, at the very least, five years of trial and error of just making music and listening to what other people had to say about it and listening to other artists and so on and so forth. So I think the program is a great thing for creative people who want to perfect their craft and truly master it. I feel like that’s exactly what I got from
the program.

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