DJ IZ: Your Attitude Can Make Or Break You

When it comes to your attitude, you know, a lot of it can be generated from your surroundings, or what you’re going through, or any of those kind of things that just affect you emotionally. And I think attitude is always, always so important and vital, especially a positive attitude is.

You’ll find that, in the creative worlds, that a positive attitude just festers great energy and it just gets people going. And when you’re creative, you definitely want the best vibes around you, you know. You don’t want bad vibes. You don’t want somebody’s day to kind of just derail your train of thought, or your concept, or your idea, you know, because creative, essentially, we all pull on, we pull on things. We pull on a human for, maybe, a topic, a concept, you know, inspiration, and depending on those different vibes, I mean, you don’t want to be the vibe killer. And, you know, a bad attitude can generate a lot of things that just derail everybody.

So, I think it’s always important, man, to get your day going with a positive attitude, your working environment, positive attitude, and that’s just, that’s like the personality or trait that you just want to carry with you at all times.

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