DJ IZ: Why Mentors Make Better Teachers for Audio Engineering

The best experience you could have is learning from somebody that’s doing it every day. And I think that’s the one thing that separates maybe a mentor from a teacher, is a mentor has real life experience, is in the now, is doing it every day. It’s not a script. It’s not a pre-designed environment. And I think where things are at nowadays with this culture, is it has to be believable, it’s gotta be now, they’ve gotta be able to see it they’ve gotta be able to identify with it.

And I think those are some of the things that you can’t really get out of any other way really. I know for me, if I’m coming up, I want to learn from the dudes. I want to learn from the cats that are doing it, have done it, and have done it over and over again. I wanna sponge that. I don’t wanna sponge a teacher, really. I don’t want to be in a classroom with a pre-designed script, and that being the one source of information that I’m gathering.

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